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Solve Your Desktop MFA Gap

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Secure a Passwordless Workforce in Days

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Eliminate Phishing & Password Reuse

turn your smart phone into a smart card

Despite millions of dollars invested in authentication, most employees still log into workstations with a password. That’s because traditional MFA products rely on passwords and shared secrets, leaving desktops wide open to credential reuse and Push attacks while slowing down the workforce login experience. Deploy True Passwordless® Multi-Factor Authentication by HYPR and say goodbye to passwords.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

“After looking at countless authentication products, we decided that the best way to address our cybersecurity issues was HYPR’s passwordless MFA solution.”

Joe Kynion
VP/Information Technology Officer First Citrus Bank

do more with your authentication spend

You have invested a lot of time and resources in identity security but are still dealing with password headaches. With HYPR you can keep your existing Identity Provider and unify your login experience. HYPR’s native plugins allow you to deploy True Passwordless™ MFA without displacing your IAM stack.

“Password elimination gives businesses a massive leap forward in terms of security posture. HYPR has made passwordless authentication a reality at a time when the need for security could not be more urgent.”

Michael Christenson
COO, New Relic

the only mobile initiated authentication designed to stop push attacks

By starting the login experience on your mobile device, HYPR eliminates PUSH attacks and 2FA breaches. This advanced innovation is one of the many reasons why enterprises choose HYPR to eliminate the password.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI
HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

No Zero-Trust strategy is complete without Desktop MFA

From HYPR’s mobile-initiated login to Windows Hello and even Yubikey – the Desktop MFA Client provides a best-in-class user experience for you and your workforce.

fully white-labeled and branded for your business

Your users are unique and your business is unique. So your passwordless experience should be too. HYPR is fully branded for your company for the most personalized experience you can get.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

One app. Any Identity provider. Limitless possibilities.

Unify all of your login experiences by enabling users to log into anything with True Passwordless MFA by HYPR.


it teams love passwordless authentication

Did you know that, on average, employees waste a full 24 hours a year logging in? Eliminate password resets to save precious time and resources. Your help desk and IT teams will thank you. 

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Save Millions of Dollars in Password Reset Costs


Save Thousands of Hours in Workforce Productivity

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Eliminate Credential Reuse Attacks

Do Other Authentication Methods Stack Up?

There are so many login methods to choose from. How do they stack up against HYPR? Find out why industry leaders deploy HYPR to eliminate passwords.