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HYPR Authenticate App

Improve security with a faster, simpler approach to passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). The HYPR Authenticate App was designed to provide everyone a better security user experience.


One App for All MFA Needs


Fast and Easy Onboarding


Intuitive User Experience (UX)


Remote-Friendly Login

Intuitive, Full-Featured Authenticator App

The Only Mobile-Initiated Login Experience

Lightning-Fast Access
Tap to unlock your workstation. HYPR Authenticate combines passkeys with an effortless mobile experience to deliver authentication that's 300% faster than traditional MFA.

Built to Stop Push Attacks
Initiate computer and virtual desktop login using the smartphone. This key differentiator is one of the many reasons why enterprises choose HYPR for their passwordless initiative.

One App, Infinite Possibilities
Advanced multi-profiles provide seamless login across the enterprise. People can pair multiple smartphones and computers to simplify and unify MFA use cases. 

Secure Offline Mode

Whether you're in the office, or an airplane, internet connectivity is never guaranteed we get it. The HYPR Authenticate App provides an innovative Offline Mode so your workforce can maintain secure access to workstations even when there is no internet. Fully phishing-resistant, fully passwordless  no fallback to less secure methods.

Set Up as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Download the App
The HYPR Authenticate App is available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.
2. Scan the QR Code
It only takes a split second to pair a smartphone using your camera.

3. Tap to Login
Simply tap to confirm, and authenticate with the smartphone's native biometric, such as Touch ID, Face ID or a decentralized PIN to login.


Passwordless MFA for Any Use Case

The HYPR Authenticate App provides passwordless authentication for desktops, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), web apps, single sign-on (SSO), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and more.

Remote Lock Your Workstation

Remote Lock enhances your passwordless experience by making it faster and easier to lock your computer from anywhere using your smartphone. HYPR gives users greater control over their workstation, which ultimately helps your organization bolster your security posture.


Brand it Your Way

HYPR's Customizable UI enables you to incorporate your own company logo to maintain brand identity at all access touch points.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Secure Passkey

HYPR transforms your smartphone into a FIDO2 passkey, replacing passwords and shared secrets with secure public key cryptography. With HYPR, drastically reduce your attack surface while making login faster and simpler for your employees and customers.


HYPR Is the Leader in FIDO Passwordless MFA


After looking at countless authentication products, we decided that the best way to address our cybersecurity issues was HYPR's passwordless multifactor solution. 

Joe Kynion

VP of Information Technology, First Citrus Bank

Discover Why Enterprises Love HYPR

HYPR's passwordless solution combines passkey-based MFA with a mobile-first user experience, so people can securely log in faster than ever.

  • Fiserv
  • Forgerock
  • Aetna
  • City National Bank
  • VHI Healthcare

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