What is HYPR

HYPR provides enterprises an end-to-end solution for deploying decentralized biometric authentication securely across millions of users. Our software is integrated into employee and customer-facing applications to deliver secure password-less experiences across all mobile, desktop and IoT systems.

Trust the Math:

  • 2+ Billion Biometric Devices
  • 15 Million Users
  • 20+ Modalities

Secure Digital Experiences

Multi-Factor Security Reimagined

Forget everything you know about multi-factor authentication. Global industry leaders trust HYPR to secure Touch ID, Windows Hello, Android M, and many biometric user experiences across all platforms.

Omni-Channel Control

Enterprises leverage HYPR omni-channel authentication to deploy and manage millions of biometric identities. From mobile to web, call centers to help desks, branches and ATMs – HYPR empowers a secure digital experience across all channels.

Internet of Things Security

From cars to homes, our IoT authentication is transforming how we interact with our connected world. By connecting mobile sensors to IoT servers and extending biometric tokenization down to the firmware level, HYPR transforms connected things into secure things. Welcome to The Bio-T – a HYPR-Secure Biometric Internet of Things.

ROI-Driven Security

Empower Secure Biometrics

Enterprises have saved millions of dollars integrating support for over 2 billion biometric devices by leveraging HYPR-Secure FIDO authentication.

Enhance Digital Experiences

From biometric banking to employee access, enable faster transaction speeds and frictionless experiences.

Expand Revenue

Generate millions in new streams of revenue by delivering best-in-class user experiences to your customers, employees, and partners.

Eliminate Fraud

Join the hundreds of enterprises switching to password-less authentication and never worry about a data breach again.

Become HYPR-Secure

Choose Any Biometrics

Instantly add voice, face, touch, eye, palm or any combination of authenticators for a secure digital experience.

Secure Your Applications

Unleash the power of our next-gen biometric multi-factor authentication on any device, in any application.

Deploy to Millions of Users

With the push of a button, deploy HYPR omni-channel authentication to all of your customers, employees, and partners.