Eliminate Cyber Fraud Forever

HYPR is a 3.7mm biometric token that eliminates cyber fraud. Stick it on your phone or wear it on a keychain.

By splitting authentication between the cloud, app, and your bio-token, our 3 factor authentication protocol creates a hack-proof gateway for any platform.

HYPR will ship in June 2015 and will support all major credit cards, bitcoin wallets and integrated 3rd party platforms. The HYPR platform will be open to 3rd parties and developers who seek to eliminate fraud from their user base.
No two units look the same, every single biometric token is unique. Pre-Order HYPR for only $20.


HYPR secures all of your credit cards and digital wallets.

Tap an NFC terminal or scan a QR code.

HYPR works anywhere.


3 Factor Authentication eliminates cyber fraud.

Secure your platform user base - both inside and out.

Integrate HYPR and say goodbye to security breaches.


Eliminating cyber fraud is a team effort.

So we built an open platform with a robust API.

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The HYPR Bio-Token Arrives June 2015