A Biometric Security Platform

HYPR decentralizes the storage of credentials to enable secure biometric authentication. Integrate HYPR and keep your users biometric data safe with end-to-end tokenization.

Deploy HYPR Your Way


Integrate The Bring Your Own Biometrics SDK into your applications for a secure password-less experience through your choice of fingerprint, voice or facial recognition.


If BYOD isn't right for you, deploy the Biometric Token. Our bluetooth-enabled fingerprint sensor is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant for maximum levels of assurance.


From mobile banking to employee access, healthcare records and even door locks - The CORE biometric encryption engine secures biometric data for any use case.

Fully Interoperable

On Cloud

The biometric cloud enables a FIDO ready login experience without displacing your current authentication scheme.

On Premise

Deploy HYPR behind your firewall and achieve seamless integration with Active Directory, RADIUS, VDI and much more.

On Device

IoT Security begins with biometric tokenization. Embed HYPR on any device and authenticate users without an internet connection.

Military Grade Security


Biometric tokenization enabled by HYPR-Secure BOTP, FIDO UAF and U2F servers.


FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance ensures that biometric signatures cannot be compromised.


HYPR is built on asymmetric cryptography, and Biometric data is never stored online.

Are Your Biometrics HYPR-Secure?