3 Factor Authentication

HYPR is an open platform enabling device-to-cloud biometric security. We’ve made military grade encryption available for everyone.

Two-Factor authentication just isn’t good enough anymore. As biometrics and secure processors are being embedded on consumer devices, platforms need a way interface with this new layer of secure execution.

The HYPR 3 Factor Security Protocol replaces 2 Factor Apps & hardware entirely with a single API. Our platform leverages the existing biometric processors embedded in modern mobile devices to enable 3 Factor Security without the need for extra apps or add-on hardware. The HYPR Biometric SDK ships in June and can be reserved for only $20.

Integrate HYPR

Secure your platform with HYPR and say goodbye to fraud.

Our API enables device-to-cloud biometric security.

HYPR is compatible with any biometric device.

Get HYPR & replace 2-Factor apps & hardware.

HYPR Goes Live in June.