Solutions Comprehensive Identity Security for Energy and Utilities

Comprehensive Identity Security for Energy and Utilities

Secure Access to Critical Assets and Systems

Protect your organization from credential phishing, fraud and identity attacks while making access easier and more efficient for employees, contractors and partners.


Protect Against Authentication Threats


Simplify and Automate Identity Verification


Reduce Identity Fraud


Access Distributed Critical Systems Faster

Energy and Utilities Identity Security Challenges

As one of the top five most attacked industries — targeted both by state-sponsored and criminal hacking groups — energy and utility providers face unique security, operational and compliance challenges.

  • Escalating cyberattacks that bypass traditional authentication controls including phishing, brute force, MFA bombing and MitM attacks
  • Insecure legacy systems and severely outdated authentication practices
  • Difficulty in ensuring secure remote access in distributed environments
  • Difficulty in conducting fast, reliable identity proofing
  • Pressure to ease access and remove friction from the operator experience
  • Compliance with regulations and security frameworks that require strict security controls

Mitigate Identity Risk and Improve Efficiency

HYPR empowers energy and utility providers to eliminate identity-based risk and fraud while minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.

Protect Your IAM Processes Everywhere

  • Replace passwords and shared secrets with a phishing-resistant, passkeys ecosystem
  • Secure workforce and partner access, whether in-office or remote, from the desktop to the cloud
  • Combat identity fraud and risk through real-time identity risk analysis and mitigation
  • Stop credential phishing, ATO, MitM, MFA bombing and other credential attacks that can impact both IT and OT environments
  • Choose from hardware and software options with the same strong levels of authentication security

Convenient, Efficient Access

  • Enable login that’s 3x faster and far more secure than legacy methods
  • Make authentication easy for your employees and partners
  • Unify the login process across systems and applications
  • Reduce password help desk tickets and account lockout

Fast, Secure Identity Verification

  • User-friendly identity proofing for employee and contractor onboarding, offboarding or role changes
  • Eliminate lengthy, intrusive and incomplete identity verification processes
  • Securely issue credentials only to validated people
  • Proactive, adaptive identity verification prompts reverification of users at risk from new threat vectors or people displaying suspect behavior

Built-In Compliance

  • Comply with regional, national and global security requirements including NIST, ISO, IEC, NERC CIP, DHS, CISA and NSA guidelines
  • Meet mandates for phishing-resistant MFA at all points of access, including the desktop, HMI and workstation
  • Adhere to Zero Trust authentication standards

Drive Growth and Cost Savings

  • Unify siloed identity systems and eliminate authentication sprawl
  • Improve productivity with streamlined login that combines multiple authenticators into a single user action
  • Gain critical threat insight that enhances your existing security ecosystem 
  • Improve supply chain efficiency with a simple, unified authentication experience across devices and channels

Simplify Onboarding and Management of YubiKeys

Interested in managing hardware tokens at scale? HYPR’s partnership with Yubico expands the possibilities to safely and efficiently deploy, manage, and scale YubiKeys for passwordless authentication. Address the diverse needs of your organizations and users with a proven and versatile choice.

HYPR is the first partner for the new multi-protocol Bio Series YubiKeys.


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