Platform HYPR + Entra ID (Azure) Integration

HYPR + Entra ID Integration

HYPR seamlessly integrates adaptive FIDO Certified phishing-resistant MFA and automated identity verification with your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure) environments.

Enforce Continuous, End-to-End Identity Security for Your Microsoft Entra ID and Hybrid Environments

Secure Access Continuously Across All Environments

Protect workforce identities no matter where and what your users connect from.

  • Enforce Phishing-Resistant, Passwordless MFA: Strengthen security by integrating HYPR’s Microsoft-validated, FIDO Certified passkey-based MFA.
  • Solve Your Desktop MFA Gap: Easily deploy phishing-resistant MFA across Windows, MacOS, Linux and VDI workstations.
  • Cover all Environments and Use Cases: Ensure continuous, end-to-end identity security flows for your Entra ID and hybrid environments.

Deliver a Unified, User-Friendly Access Experience

Empower your workforce with identity security that works the way they do.

  • Secure, Single-Action Login to Entra ID:  When users log into their desktop with HYPR, the authenticated identity is automatically passed to Entra ID. No additional verification steps unless required by conditional access policies.
  • Create Consistent, Frictionless MFA Experiences: Ensure your users have a fast, familiar authentication and access experience across Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments.
  • Support Authenticator Choice: HYPR is fully interoperable with FIDO passkeys such as YubiKeys, smartcards and built-in platform authenticators such as Windows Hello.

Integrate Full Lifecycle Identity Assurance

HYPR’s Identity Assurance Platform provides the most comprehensive end-to-end identity security for your workforce.

  • Secure Identities From Day 0: Tie real world identity to digital credentials by uniting identity verification with provisioning workflows.
  • Enforce Identity Verification as a Core Security Component: Integrate automated identity verification of users based on real-time detected risk.
  • Stop Modern Identity Attacks: Stay ahead of identity risks including generative AI threats and identity fraud. 

Extend the Value of Your Entra ID Investment

Integrate HYPR with your Entra ID environment to get more robust security and greater efficiency.

  • Greater Flexibility and Control: Support choice of phishing-resistant authenticator options and create more granular and effective Conditional Access controls.
  • Expanded Risk Intelligence: Leverage HYPR’s high-fidelity data, identity provider data, and endpoint and browser risk signals for conditional access decisions.
  • Streamline Entra ID Transition: HYPR integrates with both legacy and modern cloud solutions, unifying siloed identity systems and empowering organizations with greater flexibility in their cloud migration strategies.

HYPR External Authentication Methods (EAM) Integration

HYPR is an early external authentication method (EAM) partner. With the HYPR–EAM integration, organizations can seamlessly use HYPR phishing-resistant authentication for their Entra ID MFA method, in Entra ID Conditional Access policies, Privileged Identity Management (PIM), and Identity Protection sign-in risk policies.

How the HYPR Entra ID EAM Integration Works


HYPR Enterprise Passkeys for Entra ID

Turn your smartphone into a FIDO device-bound passkey fit for enterprise use. HYPR Enterprise Passkeys provide the assurance of hardware keys, the convenience of a mobile app, and the features and flexibility that enterprises require.

  • Seamlessly integrate Microsoft-validated, FIDO Certified device-bound passkeys
  • Deploy phishing-resistant MFA across your organization, from desktop to cloud
  • Ensure your authentication meets directives from CISA, OMB and others
  • Attest to passkeys provenance and ensure they never leave the registering device
  • Users authenticate once to gain access to Entra ID and all downstream apps.
    Ann Johnson
    “Password elimination is core to our vision for a secure Azure ecosystem. HYPR has proven to scale as a leader in Passwordless security, and an enabler of our shared vision for a world without passwords.”
    Ann Johnson
    Corporate Vice President Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft
    Susan Bohn
    We are excited to be working with HYPR to provide a modern approach to passwordless that delivers high levels of assurance with a simple and frictionless experience."
    Susan Bohn
    Vice President of Product Management, Microsoft
    Natee Pretikul
    The integration of Entra ID external authentication methods with HYPR provides our customers with the flexibility to employ their preferred MFA methods, including phishing resistant MFA, to defend their environments against evolving threats.
    Natee Pretikul
    Principal Product Management Lead, Microsoft Security

Integration Guides

Dive into our documentation on integrating HYPR with Entra ID (Azure) today.

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