The global payments leader, through its Mastercard Start Path program participated in HYPR's venture capital rounds including its Series A and Series B round of financing.

Noted in the press release between the parties, HYPR's then Executive Vice President of Global Products and Services for Identity Solution at Mastercard, Bob Reany, observed "People need the peace of mind that their personal information, their money and their identity are secure in the digital age." and advanced that Mastercard is "committed to advancing a consumer-centric vision of security grounded in giving people the ability to maintain control of their data. HYPR's technology is a smart way to keep critical data where it belongs – close to the consumer."

HYPR's focus at the time of this investment in 2017 was for Strong Customer Authentication.

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HYPR Solution Focus Areas

Eliminate Centralized Passwords
Reduce Account Takeover Fraud
Increase Mobile User Adoption
Enhance Customer Service Experience
Stop Credential Reuse Attacks
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Enable PSD2 Compliant Strong Customer Authentication

A Truly Passwordless Future

HYPR is leading the way in reimagining multi-factor authentication with an unwavering focus on superior security and usability. In today's mobile-driven world, there are vast opportunities but also new risks of fraud. HYPR's product vision is to achieve best-in-class security and fraud protection that satisfies the needs of mobile users and ecosystems of partners across industries.

A Secure, Interoperable Solution
HYPR's solution meets stringent requirements for enabling hardware-backed security for high-risk mobile transactions. User credentials like biometrics and PINs are stored at the device level, not in central repositories. This decentralized approach leverages standards-based FIDO Authentication to securely isolate and encrypt credentials on personal devices.

Maximum interoperability is key. HYPR provides a robust solution supporting both B2C and B2B2C use cases that can be easily deployed across products and consumed by partners and their applications. Flawless user experience remains paramount, achieved through solutions operating consistently despite device fragmentation and diversity.


The Passwordless Paradigm

Just as credit cards can be compromised, passwords are increasingly insecure - stealable, sharable, forgettable. The vision for a truly passwordless world aligns with emerging card-less authentication approaches. HYPR provides a True Passwordless SDK enabling FIDO-certified architecture to integrate seamlessly into customer applications.

A fully customizable authentication interface allows partners to tailor the experience while maintaining stringent security. Internal teams and external partners can adapt the look and feel while benefiting from HYPR's advanced encryption and hardware-backed credential protection.

Securing the Future

HYPR ensures all user credentials, biometrics, and cryptographic keys have the defenses of hardware-level security and remain protected on devices, eliminating credential reuse risks. This modern approach dramatically reduces fraud exposure. Users enjoy frictionless authentication while ecosystems benefit from a vastly more secure environment.

HYPR integrations facilitate secure yet seamless transactions and authentication flows never before possible with such robust security. Deployments unlock the most advanced identity and payment protection innovations for the mobile era and beyond. HYPR is paving the way for a future free from passwords and legacy vulnerabilities.

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