Solutions MFA for Cyber Insurance With Passkeys

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
for Cyber Insurance With Passkeys

Reduce Risk and Remove Friction

Meet your MFA requirements for cyber insurance. with strong, frictionless authentication based on FIDO Certified passkeys.


Solve Your MFA Gaps


Simple, Friction-Free User Experience


Reduce Costs Across Your Business

Cyber Insurance MFA Challenges

Cyber insurance has become critical for businesses to protect against unacceptable risk. Concurrently,  cyber insurance carriers have instituted strict multi-factor authentication requirements in order to underwrite a policy. Complying with these requirements presents significant issues for many businesses, including:

  • Gaps in phishing-resistant MFA for desktop login, VDI, VPN, RDP and other edge use cases
  • Poor user experience that creates adoption resistance
  • Integration across all enterprise systems and applications, including legacy apps
  • Decreased productivity due to added friction
  • Escalating IT and deployment costs

Easily Meet Cyber Insurance MFA Mandates

HYPR passkey-based authentication exceeds cyber insurance MFA requirements while removing user friction to make security departments, end-users and insurance carriers alike happy.

Reduce Risk of Attack

Eliminate credential-based breaches. Replace passwords and other shared secrets with passkeys that remain in the most secured areas of the user device at all times.

Authenticate using two strong factors in one single gesture and enforce step-up authentication policies as needed.


Simplify Authentication

Deploy authentication that people want to use. HYPR is 3x faster than legacy methods, combining multiple authenticators into a single user action. Users login only once to safely access organizational resources, desktop to cloud.

Integrate and Deploy Passkeys Quickly

Rely on the experts in passkey deployments. HYPR seamlessly integrates with your systems, IdPs and applications so you get the most out of the security investments you already made. You’ll be assured of authentication that meets your cyber insurance requirements across your enterprise.


Lower Costs on Multiple Fronts

HYPR passkey-based authentication frees your teams from the support pressures and security vulnerabilities associated with passwords and legacy MFA. Eliminate password reset costs, reduce attack response expenses and meet security thresholds for insurance premium reductions, all while simplifying your IAM stack.


With HYPR, we not only met our cyber insurer’s MFA requirement in time for the renewal deadline, we effectively eliminated our biggest identified security risk”

IT Director

Regional Auto Dealership

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Cyber Insurance and HYPR Passwordless MFA

Cyber Insurance and HYPR Passwordless MFA

Meet cyber insurance authentication requirements painlessly with HYPR.

Cyber Insurance and MFA Security Requirements

Cyber Insurance and MFA Security Requirements

Tips to meet multi-factor authentication security requirements to lower premiums.

Meeting the Cyber Insurance MFA Mandate

Meeting the Cyber Insurance MFA Mandate

Learn what, why, and how to comply with the cyber insurance MFA requirements.

Case Study
Regional Auto Dealership <br/>Case Study

Regional Auto Dealership
Case Study

Multi-location auto dealership meets tight underwriting security specifications.

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