Total Economic Impact of HYPR

Key Findings Include:

  • 324% Forrester verified ROI
  • Customers save $8.1M in total benefits through business risk avoidance, reduction in helpdesk costs, and end-user productivity savings 
  • Results and payback are experienced in less than 6 months


HYPR Boosts Business Efficiency and Security

Forrester Consulting developed the Total Economic Impact™ of HYPR study to analyze and quantify the benefits organizations realize by deploying the HYPR solution. The study determined that HYPR drove a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for a composite organization based on interviewed HYPR customers. 


Return on Investment (ROI)


Total Benefits


elimination of passwords and associated vulnerabilities


reduction in password reset tickets


authentication productivity gain 

< 6 months payback time


With HYPR, security becomes easier and better. We can now create a higher overall security posture [internally and externally]. It gives us a strategic advantage and makes us one of the safest companies to do business with, [which] increases overall revenue.

Senior Director Of Identity, Security and Access Management

Manufacturing Organization

Financial Impact of Using HYPR

Forrester Consulting calculates that HYPR customers saved millions of dollars, with a 324% ROI. These savings come from business risk avoidance, user productivity gains, lower help desk support costs and reduced employee onboarding times.