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HYPR Authentication Platform

True Passwordless Security® built on passkeys. Strengthen your security posture and empower business growth with passwordless MFA based on the FIDO passkey standard. 


Strongest Authentication

Get NIST-AAL3 phishing-resistant coverage from desktop to cloud, across all your devices and systems.


Fast, Simple User Experience

Log in 3x faster than traditional methods with HYPR’s single action passkey-based MFA.


Flexibility and Choice

Unify siloed IAM systems. Multiple authenticator options to meet differing user and business needs.


Rapid Deployment and ROI

Integrate and deploy quickly. HYPR is independently verified to deliver 324% ROI with < 6 months payback time.

HYPR Authentication Platform

HYPR extends the functionality of the FIDO passkey standard into a comprehensive identity platform for your workforce and customers. Deploy phishing-resistant passwordless authentication that accelerates your business everywhere, for everyone.

Intuitive, Full-Featured Authenticator App

The HYPR Authenticate App was designed to provide everyone a better user experience.

  • Replace passwords with hyperfast, hyper-secure, passkey-based MFA
  • One app for all devices
  • Easy to brand customize
  • Onboard users in seconds
  • Secure login anywhere, even when offline

Passwordless Desktop MFA Client

Solve your desktop MFA gap with fast, passwordless login across Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual desktops.

  • Eliminate passwords and shared secrets across Windows, MacOS and Linux workstations and servers
  • Comply with regulatory mandates and security framework guidelines for MFA at the desktop
  • Gain single action login from desktop to SSO and cloud apps, including virtual desktops, VPN and RDP
  • Protect logins on shared workstations and consoles

Comprehensive Adaptive Authentication

HYPR Adapt adds risk-based, adaptive authentication so you can manage identity-related risks and reduce user friction, even in rapidly changing security environments. It continuously assesses risk from a broad and diverse set of sources, dynamically adjusting authentication security controls on an individual user basis.


HYPR Control Center

Manage, provision, and deploy passkey authentication policies across millions of users with the HYPR Control Center.

  • Manage FIDO authenticators at scale
  • Easily customize enrollment and create authentication policies
  • Monitor real-time user and system analytics and audit logs
  • Integrate with your existing security ecosystem 

Robust, Developer-Friendly Passwordless SDK

Embed frictionless, secure, regulatory-compliant authentication into your custom application or process.

  • Quickly incorporate into your mobile and web apps
  • Give users fast login and achieve maximum security on any device
  • Integrate with your existing IdPs and security infrastructure
  • Support synced and device-bound passkeys
Passwordless integrations

HYPR Passwordless Integrations

Integrate HYPR Passwordless MFA with passkeys into your existing infrastructure.

  • Extend your current identity and security investment
  • Easily integrate with existing systems, IdPs and applications
  • Deploy passkey-based authentication across your enterprise, for both customers and workforce
  • Achieve rapid time to value

Explore the HYPR Platform

True Passwordless™ SSO

Whether you have one or many identity providers, HYPR makes it easy to eliminate passwords. Extend your single sign-on investment and achieve the highest level of assurance across all applications. Deploy passkey-based MFA for your favorite SSO provider with minimal effort.

HYPR Is the Leader in FIDO Passwordless MFA

    • You’re not using your insurance app every day. Users often forget their passwords, especially when it’s time to renew a policy. You can see thousands, millions of password reset calls in a small time frame. It’s almost like a Password Armageddon.
      Abbie Barbir
      Senior Security Architect, Aetna CVS Health
    • True Passwordless Security addresses security and fraud risks for my enterprise, but also helps me drive a vision that allows that organization to meet the digital engagement goals that we have.
      Brian Heemsoth
      Executive Director, Global Security Aetna CVS Health

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