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HYPR Identity Assurance Platform

Secure the modern identity lifecycle with a complete identity security solution that empowers you to continuously detect, prevent, and eliminate identity-related risks.

The Benefits of HYPR's Identity Security Platform


Secure with the Strongest Authentication

Get phishing-resistant, passkey-based coverage from desktop to cloud, across all your devices and systems.


Simplify Experience at Every Touchpoint

Enable fast, easy authentication with a choice of methods. Streamline identity verification at critical moments.


Combat Identity Fraud
and Risk

Continuously monitor risk and drive real-time response including step-up auth and reverifying identity.


Unite Identity Security Across Your Enterprise

Eliminate security gaps and get comprehensive visibility and control through a single robust and extensible framework.

The Comprehensive Identity Assurance Solution

HYPR unites the strongest passkey-based authentication, continuous risk monitoring and enhanced identity verification into a comprehensive Identity Assurance solution. Detect, prevent, and eliminate identity-related risks at every point in the identity lifecycle, from onboarding to goodbye.


Unified IAM Security for the Modern Identity Lifecycle

HYPR Affirm

Ensure your employees and customers are who they claim to be at all times.

  • Simplify and automate identity proofing  
  • Accurately verify identity with multi-layer approach
  • Enhanced step-up re-verification at critical moments
  • Achieve optimal balance of security and convenience

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HYPR Authenticate

Leading FIDO2 Certified passwordless MFA for your workforce and customers.

  • Prevent credential phishing and credential-based attacks
  • Streamline login and improve user experience
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and security frameworks
  • 324% verified ROI

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HYPR Adapt

Detect and proactively mitigate identity-related risks while minimizing user disruption.

  • Leverage a broad set of data sources and risk signals
  • Automatically adapt security controls to detected risks
  • Ensure the right level of authentication security
  • Maximize value of existing security tools

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What Is Identity Assurance and Why Is It Needed?

Identity Assurance Your People Will Love

See How HYPR Identity Assurance Can Help Your Teams

Total Economic ImpactTM of HYPR

Forrester Consulting calculates that HYPR customers save millions of dollars, with a 324% ROI. These savings come from business risk avoidance, user productivity gains, lower help desk support costs and reduced employee onboarding times.



Companies Modernizing Their Identity Security With HYPR

    Dawn Watters​
    HYPR passwordless MFA significantly reduces our exposure to phishing attacks and improves our overall enterprise security while using the latest FIDO standards.
    Dawn Watters​
    SVP of Identity & Data Protection, Fiserv
    Arshal Ameen
    HYPR's passwordless authentication SDK provides a strong alternative to phishable and inconvenient passwords — and it works across devices customers use in their daily lives already.
    Arshal Ameen
    Global Head Application Development, Rakuten
    Alyson Ruff
    We talked for the longest time, for years, about the future. And, it’s not the future anymore. It’s here…We are passwordless.
    Alyson Ruff
    Cyber Security Director of Identity and Access Management and Governance, Otis Elevator
    Abbie Barbir
    HYPR has brought passwordless authentication to the mainstream. The emphasis on security and user experience allows companies to tackle account takeover fraud at a scale never before possible.
    Abbie Barbir
    Senior Security Architect, Aetna CVS Health
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    Damien Mullan
    The ability to deliver strong passwordless authentication to our customer base is critical to our vision for a secure digital health experience. HYPR has empowered us to realize that vision at scale.
    Damien Mullan
    IT Manager, Vhi Healthcare
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    HYPR's technology is a smart way to keep critical data where it belongs - close to the customer.
    Executive Vice President, Mastercard
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IAM Security & Assurance for Every Person, Everytime, Everywhere

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