Platform HYPR + YubiKey Integration

HYPR + YubiKey Integration

Get Flexible Passwordless Authentication With Yubico and HYPR

HYPR and Yubico provide a seamless passwordless authentication experience that meets your security needs while increasing employee satisfaction by supporting software and/or hardware-bound passkeys, both FIDO certified.


Introducing the Multi-Protocol YubiKey Bio Series — Only With HYPR

Yubico recently expanded its YubiKey Bio Series to add two new multi-protocol keys that support biometric authentication with support for FIDO and Smart Card/PIV protocols. With the new multi-protocol keys — currently available only together with HYPR —enterprises can get the most versatile secure, hardware-based passwordless biometric authentication for both legacy on-premises and modern cloud environments.


Extend and Enhance Your YubiKey Investment

Implement YubiKeys with HYPR to better address compliance and security policies. HYPR gives you the flexibility you need to execute a comprehensive passwordless strategy across the enterprise whether it’s for single sign-on or desktop MFA.

HYPR | Yubico Joint Solution Benefits

Works across IdPs, IAMs, and SSOs, providing a comprehensive passkey solution adaptable to diverse environments:

  • Reduce risk with FIDO and smart card-based MFA — Eliminate credential phishing, push bombing, MitM and other credential attacks across all use cases
  • Desktop to cloud --Supports workstation and web-based authentication
  • Improve user experience — Provide choice and flexibility, streamline login flows and reduce security fatigue and authentication failures
  • Simplify authentication administration and control — Use a single, powerful console to provision and manage both YubiKeys and HYPR virtual tokens
  • Ensure compliance — Align with regulatory requirements and best practices in different industries and jurisdictions by using a mix of virtual and physical tokens

Use Cases for Hardware-Based Authentication

Hardware-based authentication is ideal for scenarios where end-users may not have access to smartphones or prefer not to use them for authentication.

Examples include call centers where mobile phones are not allowed, console users in sectors like banking, retail, and hospitality, and unionized workers whose companies avoid providing mobile devices. Hardware tokens also serve as a reliable backup and recovery option for mobile-based authentication.

Use Cases for Software-Based Authentication

Organizations can opt for software-based authentication. In this case, smartphone-based virtual FIDO-based tokens eliminate the need to purchase and provision physical tokens for individual users, streamlining the enrollment process.

HYPR passwordless desktop mfa

Supports Web-Based Authentication


…and Workstation Authentication


Better Together

Combine the YubiKey with your HYPR deployment for a powerful passwordless authentication solution that addresses the diverse needs of your organizations and users.Research shows that organizations using passwordless technologies experience the fewest phishing attacks, are more productive and achieve greater levels of employee satisfaction.With the HYPR | Yubico joint solution, organizations can build a robust security foundation while fostering user trust and driving overall business success. 



Offer MFA Flexibility

Provide high assurance even for users who do not use or have access to smartphones.


Reduce Risks and Costs

Eliminate account takeover fraud, phishing, and password reset costs.


Drive End User Adoption

Deliver a delightful user experience to achieve wide MFA adoption.


It's increasingly clear that passwords must go, which is why our collaboration with HYPR is an exciting one. Together, we can help businesses across the globe reach their journey to passwordless authentication with a joint solution that not only heightens security by eliminating password-based logins, but also accelerates productivity.

Derek Hanson

VP Solutions Architecture and Alliances, Yubico

Integration Guides

Dive into our documentation on integrating HYPR with Yubico today.

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