State of Passwordless Identity Assurance

2024 passwordless identity assurance report

Crucial Insights Into Identity Threats, Technologies and Trends

The 2024 State of Passwordless Identity Assurance report investigates identity threats, risks, and strategies to combat them, based on interviews with 750 IT security professionals at organizations across multiple geographies and sectors.


of organizations have been targeted by  identity-based cyberattacks


of companies were breached through authentication processes


name AI-powered threats as a top identity security concern


of employees wait up to 3 hours for service desks to verify their identity


believe a passwordless approach provides the highest level of security


spent per organization on breaches caused by weak authentication


of helpdesk costs are password related


spent per organization on identity fraud


HYPR’s research shows that identity assurance isn't just about security, it's a foundational pillar for building a resilient and adaptable future. Organizations that prioritize it gain a strategic advantage by fostering seamless and secure experiences. This not only boosts productivity but, more importantly, cultivates trust with key stakeholders.

Anthony Belfiore

Chief Security Officer, Wiz

Webinar: Learn More From Industry Experts


Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director of the FIDO Alliance and Bojan Simic, CEO and Co-Founder at HYPR, take an insider's look at key report findings and how you can use it to improve your organization’s security posture. Learn about the biggest identity security threats to watch for in 2024 and how are organizations like yours are evolving their security strategies to meet them. Topics include:

  • The top causes of breaches and strategies to close those vulnerabilities
  • Generative-AI threats, how they’re evolving, and ways to combat them
  • Passkeys and building an identity-first security framework

Learn About Identity Risks and Securing Your Workforce