Platform HYPR + IDEMIA Integration

HYPR + IDEMIA Integration

Link Physical and Digital Identity With IDEMIA and HYPR

HYPR and IDEMIA integrate physical and logical access control to meet today’s identity security challenges. Get flexible, FIDO-based passkey and smart card authentication while improving the experience for both users and admins.


Make Your ID Badge Smarter

Implement HYPR with IDEMIA for the flexibility you need to execute a comprehensive passwordless strategy across the enterprise whether it’s for physical access, single sign-on or desktop MFA. The HYPR + IDEMIA solution is FIDO Certified and never uses phishable factors that a user can be tricked into providing.

Reduce Risk

Works across IdPs, IAMs, and SSOs, providing a comprehensive passkey solution adaptable to diverse environments:

  • FIDO and smart card-based MFA eliminates credential phishing, push bombing, MitM and other credential attacks across all use cases
  • One phishing-resistant solution from all devices — The identity credential is tied to the user for secure login to shared consoles or individual devices
  • Ensures compliance — Align with regulatory requirements and best practices in different industries and jurisdictions by using a mix of virtual and physical tokens

Simplify the Experience for Users and Admins

  • Provides choice and flexibility of passkey-based authentication  (FIDO credentials)
  • Streamlines login flows
  • Removes the human element from security fatigue and failures
  • Simplifies administration — Provision and manage smart card credentials and HYPR passkeys from the same console
  • Admin can enforce required authentication by the user-selected means

Reduce Costs

  • Capitalizes on existing systems and infrastructure while adding additional layers of security
  • Reduces time spent on password resets and help desk calls, along with lost productivity due to employee downtime
  • Automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that time can be put towards driving the business

Zero Trust requirements, an increasingly hybrid workforce, and the looming challenges posed by post-quantum computing and sophisticated AI-based attacks make the need for integrated physical and logical security solutions acute. The IDEMIA and HYPR joint solution delivers an integrated PKI smart card with physical access capabilities and a FIDO2 passkey, supported by robust ICAM capabilities to address these challenges.

HYPR passwordless desktop mfa

Use Cases for Software-Based Authentication

Use Cases for Hardware-Based Authentication

Organizations can opt for software-based authentication. People typically travel with their phone, making this a highly convenient method. Smartphone-based virtual FIDO Certified tokens eliminate the need to purchase and provision physical tokens for individual users, streamlining the enrollment process.

End-users may not have access to smartphones, may not want to use their personal smartphone or may require a hardware-based authentication option for other reasons.

Examples include call centers or other environments where mobile phones are not allowed, console users in sectors like banking, retail, and hospitality, and unionized workers whose companies do not provide mobile devices. Hardware tokens also serve as a reliable backup and recovery option for mobile-based authentication.


We are excited to see our collaboration with HYPR come together in a converged smart credential card that sets the standard for secure access solutions. With HYPR and IDEMIA, enterprises get flexibility and choice, while ensuring they meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Teresa Wu

VP of Smart Credentials, IDEMIA

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