Easily Deploy Biometrics

As enterprises transition away from password-based authentication, deployment of a biometric server can be challenging. Business leaders must work closely with infoSec teams to on many decisions, such as where biometric data is stored and how authentication impacts the user experience. The process can bring innovation to a standstill.

The HYPR biometric cloud is FIDO certified and accelerates rollout of passwordless authentication, allowing you to focus on driving revenue and improving usability.

Save Millions in Development

Azure or AWS? Fingerprint or Facial Recognition? Multi-Factor or password-less? We have it all.

We built it so you don’t have to. With HYPR enterprises are eliminating the costs of building out support for millions of biometric sensors by leveraging the world’s first fully interoperable biometric authentication cloud. Unleash the power of all authenticators across over 2 billion devices: