When deploying a biometric server, product leaders are faced with a number of challenges. Which biometric solution is the best? Where will the biometric data be stored? How do we choose a vendor? Do FRRs and FARs really matter?

HYPR guides you through this process with rapid prototyping on our secure biometric cloud – fully integrated with an array of authenticators such as Touch ID, Hello, Sense ID, and many more.

Biometric Server

Easily Deploy Biometric Security

Deploy next-gen security overnight with the world’s first fully interoperable biometric security cloud. Our rapid prototyping empowers you to evaluate user experience without the hassle of evaluating multiple biometric modalities and vendors.

The HYPR-Secure bio-cloud features:

  • Simple to use and query REST API.
  • 24-hour world-class developer support from the HYPR engineering team.
  • Detailed documentation and full interoperability across 2 Billion biometric devices.