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Virtual Machine (VM)

Is a product program or working framework that not just displays the conduct of a different PC, but at the same time is equipped for performing tasks, for example, running applications and projects like a different PC. A virtual machine, generally known as a visitor is made inside another figuring condition alluded as a “have.”

Multiple virtual machines can exist inside a solitary host at one time. Virtual machines are winding up increasingly normal with the development of virtualization innovation. Virtual machines are frequently made to play out specific assignments that are not quite the same as errands performed in a host domain. Virtual machines are actualized by programming imitating strategies or equipment virtualization procedures.


"I use a company-issued laptop but all of my work is done on a virtual machine. Our IT department mandated that we only use a VM for work-related tasks. It's a pretty good experience and is supposed to keep our company safe. "


Source: Udacity