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Thwart Generative AI and Deepfake Attacks

Combat Adversarial AI With HYPR

Protect your organization from deepfakes and generative AI attacks on your identity systems.


Stop Credential Phishing


Unmask Impersonators and Deepfakes 


Neutralize Social Engineering

Why AI-Powered Attacks Are So Successful

Cybercriminals use weaponized AI to generate highly convincing deepfakes, phishing campaigns and social engineering attacks, creating massive security challenges for organizations:

  • AI processes data and can generate and refine attacks at an unprecedented pace, allowing attackers to deceive a large number of people in a short time.
  • AI can quickly adapt its strategies based on a target’s defense response, as well as correlate with other AI systems to maximize success. For example, one tool might launch a DDOS attack and another execute a phishing campaign that cites the attack.
  • AI systems access public and private data sources that provide attackers with detailed knowledge of their targets and allows them to instantaneously refine strategies based on real-time events.
  • AI empowers social engineering attacks by foreign adversaries. AI Voice translation services now offer new horizons to threat actors seeking to overcome local language barriers.
  • Many organizations rely on probabilistic security controls such as phishable authentication, knowledge-based identity verification, and human-verified documentation, which are vulnerable to interception and manipulation.

HYPR Identity Assurance Defeats AI-Fueled Attacks

HYPR leverages deterministic defenses and its own AI-powered identity risk controls to protect against generative AI attacks, identity impersonation and deepfake attacks.

Prevent AI Credential Phishing and Fraud

HYPR’s industry-leading passwordless MFA is built on top of FIDO standards.

  • Eradicate passwords and other phishable credentials with strong public-key cryptography bound to trusted devices
  • AI attacks often target fallback mechanisms — HYPR never uses passwords, OTPs or other alternative authentication methods that can intercepted or replayed
  • Eliminate the risk from fake authentication prompts — authentication requests are always initiated by the user

Stop Identity Impersonation and Deepfake Attacks

HYPR Affirm provides comprehensive, adaptable verification so you can be certain a user’s identity is legitimate.

  • Employ multi-layered, high-fidelity proofing methods that ensure only authorized individuals gain access to corporate systems and data
  • Automate verification to remove human error from processes
  • Stop fraudsters while confirming legitimate users with fully configurable verification flows, including  advanced assurance for complex use cases and high risk events and transactions

Identify and Block Suspicious Users and Behaviors

Combat identity fraud through real-time identity risk analysis and mitigation powered by HYPR Adapt.

  • Leverage dynamic risk signals from a broad set of sources to manage identity-related risks, even in rapidly changing security environments
  • Use this high-fidelity intelligence to drive automatic adaptive security measures including prompting for phishing-resistant authentication, re-verification, or denying access to ensure AI attack prevention
  • Easily customize control policies to ensure you stop imposters and grant access to trusted users only

Common Types of AI Attacks



Phishing incidents surged by 1,265% in 2023, largely due to AI tools.1 Hackers can use large language models (LLMs) to pump out phishing messages in the local language with convincing context and details.

1 The State of Phishing 2023, SlashNext

Synthetic Identities & Deepfakes

AI can generate accurate impersonations in minutes using publicly available writing samples, videos and social media. Deepfake video has been used in real-time meetings to successfully trick organizations out of millions.


Social Engineering

In an AI attack, cybercriminals can mimic the tone, cadence, and contextual nuances of a specific target audience to achieve maximum yields. LLMs use reinforcement learning to improve with every conversation.

How HYPR Prevents AI Attacks

HYPR Identity Assurance applies modern deterministic identity controls and AI-powered risk analysis and mitigation to stop AI-assisted phishing, deepfakes and social engineering attacks. Read the solution brief to learn more.



Companies Modernizing Their Identity Security With HYPR

    Dawn Watters​
    HYPR passwordless MFA significantly reduces our exposure to phishing attacks and improves our overall enterprise security while using the latest FIDO standards.
    Dawn Watters​
    SVP of Identity & Data Protection, Fiserv
    Arshal Ameen
    HYPR's passwordless authentication SDK provides a strong alternative to phishable and inconvenient passwords — and it works across devices customers use in their daily lives already.
    Arshal Ameen
    Global Head Application Development, Rakuten
    Alyson Ruff
    We talked for the longest time, for years, about the future. And, it’s not the future anymore. It’s here…We are passwordless.
    Alyson Ruff
    Cyber Security Director of Identity and Access Management and Governance, Otis Elevator
    Abbie Barbir
    HYPR has brought passwordless authentication to the mainstream. The emphasis on security and user experience allows companies to tackle account takeover fraud at a scale never before possible.
    Abbie Barbir
    Senior Security Architect, Aetna CVS Health
    Learn More
    Damien Mullan
    The ability to deliver strong passwordless authentication to our customer base is critical to our vision for a secure digital health experience. HYPR has empowered us to realize that vision at scale.
    Damien Mullan
    IT Manager, Vhi Healthcare
    Learn More
    HYPR's technology is a smart way to keep critical data where it belongs - close to the customer.
    Executive Vice President, Mastercard
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