Solutions Identity Verification Built for Your Organization

Identity Verification Built for Your Organization

Ensure Your Users Are Who They Claim To Be

Experience seamless, automated identity verification with HYPR. Upgrade the security and user experience of your identity management without the need to replatform.


Secure, Automated Identity Verification

Frictionless user experience

Simple, Friction-Free User Experience

Highest assurance

Continuous Security With the Highest Assurance

Identity Verification Challenges

Nearly 4 in 10 organizations name identity verification as a top identity security challenge. Insecure, outdated verification processes create a host of issues:

  • Transaction Fraud Risk: Traditional verification methods leave room for error, increasing the risk of transaction fraud
  • Employee Fraud: Tactics such as interview fraud, bait-and-switch scenarios, and unauthorized outsourcing, mean that the person doing the work may not be the person you interviewed or hired.
  • Inefficiency and Inconvenience: Cumbersome onboarding and recovery processes waste time, reduce workforce productivity and can lead to customer abandonment
  • Synthetic Identities and Generative AI Attacks: Cybercriminals are increasingly using weaponized AI to generate highly convincing deepfakes and social engineering attacks that bypass traditional verification

Single Solution for Workforce and Customers: Confidence for Onboarding, Recovery, and High-Risk Transactions

Optimize your identity verification process to meet the specific needs and risk profile of your organization, throughout the identity lifecycle.

Secure, Streamlined User Onboarding

  • Accelerate Onboarding: Speed up user onboarding with HYPR’s automated, accurate identity verification
  • Close Identity Security Gaps: Link real-world identity to digital identity from the outset 
  • Remove User Friction: Reduce customer drop-off and employee frustration with customizable, user-centric verification processes 

Reliable Account Recovery

  • Self-Service Recovery: Facilitate secure automated user identity re-verification for account recovery
  • Reduce Takeover Risk: Invoke additional verification actions at times of increased risk or for high-privilege users
  • Defeat Spoofing and Fraud: Implement advanced biometrics and behavioral analytics to ensure that recovery actions are safe and compliant

Enhanced Transaction Security

  • Proactive Security: Deploy dynamic security measures for high-risk transactions based on real-time risk assessment.
  • Strengthen Your Current Identity Systems: Integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing systems to bolster your transaction security without re-platforming
  • Comply With Regulations: Ensure your identity verification processes align with PSD2 SCA requirements, PCI DSS, NYDFS, GDPR and other security and data privacy requirements

Continuous Identity Assurance

  • Passkey-Based Authentication: Leverage the leading FIDO phishing-resistant, passwordless MFA
  • Ongoing Verification: Verification checks throughout the user’s journey proactively detect and prevent identity fraud
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation: Adapt security measures based on continuous risk evaluation, maintaining the optimal  balance between strong security and user convenience

Prevent Helpdesk Social Engineering with HYPR Affirm

Socially engineering the help desk is at the root of a number of the major recent breaches. Come see how Identity Verification for the enterprise can prevent this threat by ensuring you know that someone is who they say they are at all times.

HYPR CEO Bojan Simic and Field CTO Ryan Rowcliffe will demonstrate HYPR Affirm, discuss the underlying implementation, and talk about what's necessary to prevent helpdesk social engineering.

  • Hillsborough County
  • Frontier Credit Union
  • FIDO Alliance
  • Norwegian
  • Fiserv
  • CVS Health
  • Oxbury
  • Rakuten
  • VHI Healthcare
  • Unified Post Group
  • State Auto

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