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Adware is a subset of spyware that can find its way onto computers via infected websites through an unauthorized installation. It typically consists of code that tracks web surfing habits and other non-public records. Adware passes user information onto a third party without the user’s consent or authorization. Adware’s motivation is to create income for its designer by serving promotions to a web client while they are surfing the web or during the underlying establishment process. Its fruits might be found in an assortment of ways, from banner ads to full-screen promotions, recordings, pop-ups or various presentations.

Adware is for the most part utilized benignly however it can be malignant in nature. Users can prevent adware’s recurrence by dealing with their web browser’s pop-up preferences or settings inside their web programs.


"My computer had so many adware infections that it slowed down to a crawl. I ended formatting my hard drive just to clean out all those ads."