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FIDO Cloud Authentication

A FIDO Cloud is a security infrastructure that provides public-key cryptography based authentication that does not rely on a shared secret such as a password or one-time password (OTP). This infrastructure provides web application endpoints that are leveraged by FIDO Certified clients that conform to the UAF, U2F, or WebAuthn/CTAP standards for strong authentication.

The FIDO Cloud is leveraged by organizations or individuals who are providing or using applications that require authentication mechanisms that are not susceptible to man in the middle and pass the hash attacks.

FIDO UAF authentication can be deployed in a cloud environment to provide a passwordless experience for enhanced security and improved usability. An advantage of FIDO on cloud is that it provides a standardized approach to authentication for large-scale cloud services. Solutions that are FIDO Certified against rigorous security, interoperability, and scalability testing ensure that their FIDO-as-a-Service (FaaS) implementations are particularly well-suited for enterprises. Going further, solution- or vendor-specific pre-integrations with major IAM, IdP and KYC providers markedly accelerate FaaS deployment schedules. In addition to FIDO UAF, FaaS can be deployed for the Web Authentication and Universal Second Factor (U2F) authentication protocols of the FIDO Alliance.


"Our IT team saved a lot of time and money by deploying FIDO on the cloud. We're now able to validate user login with biometrics, FIDO tokens, and a number of different authenticators."