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FIDO Biometrics

FIDO Biometrics refers to an authentication system that leverages native device authenticators for true passwordless access to applications and other resources.

The Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) open-source specification developed by the FIDO Alliance enables online services and websites to transparently leverage native security features of user devices using biometric authentication. Users register their device to the online service by selecting a local authentication mechanism and their preferred biometric. They are no longer required to remember passwords, and therefore more easily access online accounts to perform transactions.

A FIDO Certified solution built atop the UAF protocol has undergone rigorous security, performance, and interoperability testing to ensure its readiness for enterprise deployments and to endorse its scalability across millions of users with thousands of transactions per minute. Some FIDO UAF solutions offer pre-integration with dozens of mobile device native authenticators for fingerprint, face, voice, and eye recognition. Others offer a control center or other management console giving enterprise administrators authority and visibility over biometric orchestration, passwordless authentication policies, management of public keys and verification of the signatures created on the mobile device.


"FIDO biometrics takes Touch ID and its Android counterparts to the next level by wrapping these authenticators in FIDO architecture. This further leverages the device and other platform elements for true passwordless authentication where the user enrolls in, and authenticates to, a service without passwords."