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Man in the middle attack (mitm)

A Man in the Middle (MitM) attack occurs when communication between two systems is intercepted by an outside system or hacker. The intercepting entity attempts to either eavesdrop or impersonate one of the communicating systems in such a way as to not raise awareness of the interception. The target of the attack is to intercept any transmissions of personal information (logins, account details, credit card information, etc.).

Typically such attacks are focused on financial and e-commerce entities, or other websites required credentialed logins. Stolen information may then be used for identity theft, unapproved financial transfers, or the information may be sold to a 3rd party.


“An entire conference of IT professionals fell victim to a Man-in-the-Middle Attack when the convention center’s wifi network was compromised. There were countless incidents of stolen credit card numbers, login credentials, and personal data.”

MITM Attacks Explained:

Source: Computerphile