HYPR IoT authentication allows you to arm your home security system when your not there. You can program your home entertainment system, and automatically guarantee you will have the right sleeping temperature every night. You can have these benefits and, with HYPR, avoid concerns about big data accessing your buying habits or hackers gaining control of your systems. The HYPR solution is adaptive, allowing your security to adjust as the home systems become more predictive and interoperable.

Smart home technology will likely prove disruptive to the insurance and real estate markets. You may see an increase in property value and a lowering of insurance costs, as real-time data becomes available for home maintenance and repair. This will only happen when security is not an issue. HYPR takes care of that.

Biometric Home

Levels of Assurance

Biometric multi-factor authentication allows you to set levels of assurance for different locations of the household – so homeowners and guests can authenticate to systems with multiple modalities.

Decentralized and IoT-Ready

Fully decentralized authentication has arrived. With HYPR your home is secured with or without an internet connection.

Future-Proof Interoperability

Securing utilities and appliances around the connected world requires a new level of interoperability, powering by open standards such as FIDO authentication.

HYPR-Secure the Home

A safe and secure Internet of Things requires best-in-class next-gen security and a pristine user experience. HYPR’s biometric IoT security solution for connected homes provides a secure password-less experience leveraging mobile devices for physical access, infotainment, and comfort settings.