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How FIDO 2 Works

HYPR suite provides you a wide array of authentication capabilities, including the FIDO 2 Web Authentication Framework. The FIDO 2 authentication standard consists of the W3C Web Authentication specification, WebAuthn API, and the Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP). HYPR is a working group member of the FIDO Alliance and has deployed FIDO-Certified authentication to millions of users across some of the world’s largest enterprises.

FIDO 2 consists of two core components. The first is the WebAuthn API, which industry leaders are incorporating into their browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, and WebKit. Second, there’s the Client to Authenticator (CTAP) protocol that provides FIDO 2-capable devices an interface for external authenticators via NFC, USB, or Bluetooth.

HYPR provides FIDO 2 out of the box to enable true passwordless security across mobile, web and IoT applications.

FIDO-Certified and Enterprise Ready

HYPR’s FIDO architecture is designed for enterprise deployments and scales across millions of users with thousands of transactions per minute. It is fully interoperable and pre-integrated with all major IAM and IdP providers, providing flexibility and easy deployment across the enterprise.


HYPR Enhances FIDO 2 With Decentralized Security

HYPR’s Advanced Device Protection (ADP) allows you to store user credentials in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and is critical for ensuring FIDO credentials always stay safe. By combining FIDO authentication standards with ADP, HYPR decentralizes users’ credentials to enable true passwordless security.


This approach to secure FIDO authentication ensures that user credentials are decentralized, isolated and encrypted on users’ personal devices. The user’s private key is generated from a biometric such as a fingerprint or voice and is used to sign transactions initiated by a relying party.

Manage FIDO 2 Web Authentications in Real Time

With the HYPR Control Center, you will deploy FIDO 2 with the push of a button. Manage, provision, and deploy millions of users and respond to adversary tactics in real-time without making code-level changes. Integrate biometrics with transaction policies and business logic across any application. HYPR features dozens of pre-integrated modalities including fingerprint, voice, face, eye and palm recognition.

Read the Whitepaper

Jointly authored by Goode Intelligence and HYPR, this white paper explores the differences between passwordless user experiences and true passwordless security.

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