Enterprises trust the HYPR biometrics platform to empower FIDO Certified next-gen passwordless authentication across millions of users. There are over 2 billion biometric devices in our world today, but most of them aren’t securely integrated with enterprise architectures. HYPR bridges the gap between sensor & server – empowering enterprises to maintain security controls over a frictionless and secure user experience.

Deploy Biometrics Overnight

HYPR instantly adds voice, face, touch, eye, and palm recognition to any application. Our decentralized biometric authentication technology ensures your user data remains securely offline.

Easily Rollout FIDO

Future-proof your applications with HYPR-Secure FIDO authentication, available on-premise or on the cloud. Authenticate from anything to anything, anytime, anywhere.

Secure Cloud Biometrics

Meet the world’s first fully interoperable secure biometric cloud. Enterprise-ready on AWS and Azure.

Powerful Biometric Encryption

Strong biometric encryption is the secret sauce, ensuring that unconverted biometric data is not sent through the network or stored in a central database.

A Fully Interoperable Server

Our biometric server ensures credentials are securely decentralized. That means algorithm templates and credentials never leave a user’s device. Biometrics are authenticated client-side while signatures are validated on the server.


By extending decentralized biometric tokenization down to the firmware level, HYPR securely transforms smart things into secure things. Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing biometric IoT security.