HYPR biometric encryption ensures user credentials are decentralized and stored offline. A cryptographic digital key is generated from a biometric such as a fingerprint or voice and is used to sign transactions initiated by a relying party. Raw biometric data is never sent through the network or stored in a central database.

Our next-gen multi-factor authentication solution provides biometric encryption based on these guiding principles:

  • No authentication channel should rely on the centralized storage of biometrics.
  • End-users should be able to choose which biometric authenticators they will utilize.
  • Biometric data should remain encrypted and protected against malware on a user’s device.
  • Relying parties should be able to set policies for which biometric authenticators can be used.
  • FIDO Authentication

    Biometric Encryption is Powered by HYPR


    The HYPR-Secure FIDO UAF Server provides the server side of Universal Authentication Framework protocols. We’ve made it easy to deploy on-premises or as a cloud solution.

    Biometric OTP

    The HYPR_Key biometric OTP is the industry-leading bluetooth enabled token, providing a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant solution where maximum levels of assurance are required.

    FIDO U2F

    U2F authentication provides a critical layer of security with a physical device that acts as a second factor. Our fully interoperable FIDO U2F server enables 3rd parties to choose any additional hardware authenticator as a Universal Second Factor.

    WhiteBox Cryptography

    By leveraging whitebox encryption for both secure storage and cryptographic functions, HYPR ensures biometric authentication channels and private keys are kept safe from malware and other attacks.