A UAF Server provides the server side of UAF protocols. HYPR makes it easy to deploy any FIDO server on-premises or as a cloud solution.

The process commences with a client’s request for a challenge token and continues with the server signing this token once a trusted biometric sensor validates a user’s identity.

Easily Deploy UAF Authentication

The HYPR UAF server also works with a variety of federated identity systems such as OpenID, SAML, and OAuth. By implementing strong Transport Layer Security (TLS), HYPR communications travel along an encrypted channel and ensure end-to-end secrecy.

The advantage of using the HYPR protocol in accordance with the FIDO server specification is two-fold:

• The validation server does not store sensitive user data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
• A user’s unique biometric signature remains within Trusted Execution and is never transmitted over the web.

FIDO UAF Authentication