Step-up authentication requires an additional approval activity before the user can complete a transaction.

When a customer wants to access their bank account from a mobile device, they log in to their account from a mobile device. The bank would verify that it’s a “known” device.” If that customer wants to transfer funds, an additional step would be required such as a fingerprint scan through their mobile device.

HYPR allows you to have a step-up biometric authentication solution that is scalable and easy to deploy.

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Secure customer access by enforcing a multi-step biometric login experience. For example, require Touch ID for account login but prompt the user for Touch plus voice verification to transfer funds.
Believe it or not, biometric car authentication can enforce different factors for different functions, such as voice unlock and touch for ignition.

HYPR offers enterprises the power to enforce additional layers of security and achieve higher levels of assurance depending on the action users take and how they take them.

Users may be required to “step up” and use additional or stronger means of authentication based on pre-defined security policies or an identity score. A company can allow access to different types of resources with additional authentication required for more sensitive resources.

HYPR not only lets relying parties deploy multi-factor authentication with modalities like fingerprint, voice, face, and eye recognition – but to also enforce a continuous authentication protocol based on contextual data.

The additional certainty that multi-step authentication provides allows for substantial risk reduction and enhances confidence for every stakeholder along the app user experience.