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Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard for Identity Providers (IDP) to pass authorization credentials to services providers.

SAML allows businesses and software products to standardize communication between an IDP and service provider. SAML is the fastest way to authorize a customer to use a service.

SAML is often used for logging users into applications with single sign-on (SSO), an authentication technology that has achieved wide popularity and usage across businesses of all sizes since it enhances productivity and curbs identity sprawl. By preventing the need for username and passwords, SAML-based SSO experiences have created a viable solution for simplifying user authentication.


"We're going to implement a SAML SSO solution because it makes possible the building of trust between an IdP and a service, thereby streamlining authentication so it's centralized at the IdP. That initial trust relationship is then be extended to other SAML-integrated services, so the user will only need to authenticate to the IdP and they will be authenticated to the next service, and to the next, and so on. Hence, SSO for the one-time login."