Security Encyclopedia

Script Kiddie

A disparaging term often used to refer less experience malicious hackers who use existing software to launch hacking attacks. While security professionals tend to craft their own tools, script kiddies pick up off the shelf exploits, scripts, and tools to attack a target. Considered less skilled that professional penetration testers, or white hat hackers, script kiddies usually don't understand the inner workings of software and computer networking.

Script kiddies rely on software or scripts written by others and dont possess the knowledge or know-how to modify or produce their own software. Script kiddies find the most easy routes to hacking a system and do not invest much idea or energy into performing an attack. Script kiddies may utilize hacking projects composed by different programmers since they frequently come up short on the aptitudes to compose their own. Often times you can find a script kiddie in the gaming community using common tools such as "low-orbit ion cannon" to DDOS a game server or wreak havoc on an IRC channel.


"Our chatroom admin got tired of being attacked by script kiddies so we blocked all anonymous users in our IRC channel."