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Omni-Channel Authentication

Omni-channel authentication refers to enterprise deployment of a single solution to secure multiple consumer-facing applications and access systems in varying locations or environments. It assumes that different access points along the customer journey require a familiar, convenient experience.

Examples of customer channels in financial services include mobile, desktop, and increasingly, due to the emergence of the Internet of Things, branch applications and systems such as kiosks and ATMs. Another is a customer service call center that serves as a fallback for when automated channels and their users seek support.

Omni-channel authentication is becoming increasingly mobile-centric as enterprises discover that consumers are adopting more security, features, and experiences that are initiated on, or rely on, mobile devices. Mobile is also being leveraged for omni-channel authentication since modern devices’ features offer the security and flexibility to interact with all access points (as smartphones contain biometric/passwordless authenticators, trusted areas for key management, the built-in antennae for varying communication protocols, etc.).


"Our bank, as part of its omni-channel digital transformation, has committed to delivering a unified customer experience whether they visit a branch, bank on mobile and desktop, or engage our call center. Mobile apps and their PUSH notifications are a big part of the authentications, attestations, and authorizations."