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Offsite Data Protection (Vaulting)

Offsite Data Protection (Vaulting) is a supplementary security process of storing a backup of data at an outside facility for the purposes of business continuity or disaster recovery.

Vaulting, as offsite data protection is widely known, plainly entails taking a backup of the data from the places or places where it normally resides and storing that backup copy at a dedicated facility located elsewhere. In addition to the split locations inherent in such an arrangement, vaulting also involves security measures at the “vault” property such as physical security (including personnel), encryption, or cold storage.

Vaulting may be at a company-owned data storage facility or as a managed service provider’s facility, providing that the setting in either case is secure and not subject to a loss incident that would affect the place where the data is conventionally held.


“Offsite data protection is simply that, having a backup of data reside at another location to minimize the risk of a total loss caused by a natural or man-made catastrophe at the data’s primary location.”