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FIDO Client Software

FIDO Client Software is one component of a complete Fast Identity Online (FIDO) platform the delivers true passwordless authentication.

FIDO clients, for example desktop or mobile clients, are found at the edge and work with the server component and control center to help enterprises deliver authentication that leverages native device capabilities and public-key cryptography (PKC). FIDO clients are deployed as SDKs and support the FIDO Alliance's Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) or Universal Second Factor (U2F) authentication protocols.

Client software of this kind generally support multiple protocols for communication such as HTTP and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE). Some mobile client solutions include enhanced security features such as jailbreak and root detection, device health, and man-in-the-middle (MITM) mitigation. Going further, FIDO clients may or may not be part of a solution that has been FIDO Certified by the alliance as having undergone rigorous testing for security, usability, interoperability, and scalability.

How HYPR Enables FIDO2

The HYPR Authentication Platform provides businesses and developers a wide array of authentication capabilities, including the FIDO 2 Web Authentication Framework. The FIDO 2 authentication standard consists of the W3C Web Authentication specification, WebAuthn API, and the Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP). HYPR is a working group member of the FIDO Alliance and has deployed FIDO-Certified authentication to millions of users across some of the world’s largest enterprises. HYPR provides FIDO 2 out of the box to enable True Passwordless Security across mobile, web and IoT applications.

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