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Endpoints are devices and applications such as virtual environments that are remotely connected to a corporate network. Endpoints can either be hardware devices that are connected to a network or applications.

Desktop computers, workstations, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and Internet of Things (IoT) nodes such as drones, connected homes and autos are examples of hardware endpoints. While generally understood to mean devices, an endpoint can also be a virtual environment such as applications that enable a remote user to work while connected to a corporate network. Endpoints may also be applications and services that provide groups of workers with a common operating space where they can interact (e.g., chat rooms and email).

Endpoint security is critical to all information security since connected devices and applications are vulnerable to attacks that give hackers access to the home network.


"Many more people are choosing to work remotely, increasing the number of endpoints since their smartphones and laptops are now connected to the home network."