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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a workplace policy or set of norms that establishes or condones the use of employees’ personal mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for work. BYOD can be explicit, and even supported such as through a company stipend or subsidy, or it can be implicit as in simply overlooked.

BYOD’s prevalence is growing as working remotely or flexibly is on the rise, and as consumer-facing devices already in the hands of employees are ostensibly more advanced than ones that an enterprise could provide. Whether the employer sets forth the policy through an agreement or merely consents to it, there are open questions of security and privacy since the device being used allows for commingling of office and personal tasks.

Additionally, as the kind of work performed approaches mission-critical or the setting is heavily regulated, there is less likelihood that the an enterprise would permit anything but a company-deployed device policy.


"I've been using my personal iPhone for work since forever, but now my company has a written BYOD policy governing how work apps are used on personal smartphones. I'm struggling with whether to enroll my iPhone into their MDM because I don't want our admins to know my location and browsing habits."