Mobile-Initiated Authentication

Tap. Authenticate. You’re in.

HYPR is the only platform to enable passwordless login that begins on the mobile device. With mobile-initiated login, HYPR stops PUSH attacks, MITM, replay, credential stuffing, brute force, social engineering and phishing attacks – before they happen. This innovation is just one of the many reasons why enterprises choose HYPR to eliminate passwords for their workforce.

Mobile Initiated Authentication

Why Mobile Initiated?


Login Faster than Ever Before

Tap an icon on your smartphone to unlock your workstation. HYPR combines True Passwordless authentication with an effortless mobile experience to deliver login speeds up to 300% faster than password-based MFA.

Stop PUSH Attacks Before they Happen

Traditional MFA products rely on passwords and shared secrets, leaving your workforce susceptible to PUSH attacks while slowing down the login experience. By requiring users to begin the process on their personal device HYPR takes PUSH attacks out of the equation.

Authenticate Once, Access Anything

True Passwordless SSO is the best possible login experience. It begins with Desktop MFA. Authentication is then extended to your single sign-on portal. HYPR is integrated with all of your favorite identity providers.

How Does it Work?

HYPR replaces the use of passwords and shared secrets with Public Key Encryption and open standards such as FIDO2. This approach drastically reduces the attack vector while making the overall login experience faster and easier to use.

Using FIDO2 for enterprise access involves using a pair of cryptographic keys : a private key that’s kept secret on the user’s mobile device at the hardware-level and a public key that is stored on the HYPR True Passwordless Server.

Simply put, it’s like turning your smartphone into a FIDO token.

HYPR True Passwordless Authentication Flow