Reimagine IoT Security

From connected cars to smart homes, HYPR is the first FIDO Certified IoT Authentication solution designed for the connected world.

Secure any device with fingerprint, voice, face, eye and palm recognition – without any additional hardware. By extending decentralized biometric authentication down to the firmware level, HYPR securely transforms smart things into secure things.

Welcome to the secure Bio-T.

IoT Biometrics

Add Biometrics to Any Thing

A fundamental challenge of securing the biometric IoT is protecting passwordless authentication channels against remote attacks. HYPR-Secure connected devices leverage decentralized authentication to validate biometric signatures without an internet connection. Our biometric server is designed for the IoT and brings a fully password-less experience to door locks, connected homes, automobiles and more.


HYPR-Cars are connected vehicles secured with decentralized car authentication technology. We’ve perfected the biometric vehicle by combining best-in-class usability with bleeding edge security.


HYPR biometric locks leverage decentralized authentication on the firmware level – allowing for end-to-end security without internet connectivity. If you’ve opened a lock with biometric phone, chances are you’re HYPR-Secure.


Connected home leaders trust HYPR to empower secure biometric home access.