Door locks, lights, cars, entertainment devices, office equipment, health trackers, and more are part of a growing group of connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) combines an increasing level of consumer convenience with a comparable increase in the security threat.

There are over 2 Billion biometric-enabled devices out there today. HYPR enables manufacturers to integrate secure biometric authentication with any connected device – without having to add costly hardware and sensors.

By connecting mobile sensors with IoT servers and extending biometric tokenization down to the firmware level, HYPR transforms smart things into secure things. Welcome to The Bio-T – our Biometric Internet of Things.

Biometric IoT Security

Authenticate to Any THING


If you’ve opened a biometric lock with mobile phone, chances are you’re HYPR-Secure.


From enhancing usability to bleeding edge safety, we’re securing connected vehicles with decentralized biometric car authentication.


Connected home providers trust HYPR to enable secure biometric home access.

HYPR solutions give you the power to secure any connected device with biometrics. Our biometric tokenization platform extends decentralized passwordless authentication to the firmware level and transforms smart things into secure things.