HYPR IoT Authentication Mobile Client

BRIDGE the gap between physical and digital security

The modern enterprise is teeming with vulnerable access points, including badge-enabled entry and smart devices. Enterprise physical access controls are fragmented and unsafe – creating hurdles for CISO’s while slowing down digital transformation. 

Workforce authentication was only the beginning. HYPR has also developed the first True keyless authentication platform designed for the Internet of Things – enabling security leaders to break down barriers between the physical and digital world by consolidating authentication into a single enterprise solution.

HYPR Secures Your Connected Workforce

Deploy One App Enabling Access to All Workstations and Physical Access Points.


Explore the HYPR Mobile Client

One App for your Workstations and Physical Access

Replace key cards and use your own custom branded application to access workstations and physical entry points.

Enterprise-Ready FIDO Architecture 

Authentication used to be silo’d. By taking a standards-based approach to securing the connected enterprise, HYPR provides one fully interoperable FIDO architecture.

Advanced Proximity Unlock and IoT-Ready Capabilities

Proximity authentication enables access to physical entry points by demonstrating user presence over WiFi, NFC AND Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications.

“Credential stuffing has become an epidemic for small and large enterprises. HYPR’s ability to stop credential reuse can significantly reduce the collateral damage from breaches that happen outside of your control.”

Bill Cardwell
Fmr VP Information Security, Prudential



Learn how HYPR and Diebold-Nixdorf bridge the gap between physical and digital access with card-less ATM authentication.

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Connected Cars

From vehicle payments to ride sharing and key less entry, true key-less authentication is changing the way we secure vehicle access.

ATM Authentication

Learn more about how leaders like Diebold-Nixdorf are leveraging HYPR to secure card-less ATM authentication for large banks.

Key-less Authentication Begins at the Firmware Level

Find out how HYPR leverages Advanced Device Protection to secure private keys on your mobile device.