Prevent Fingerprint Breaches

Did you know the iPhone owner uses Touch ID an average of 84 times a day? Fingerprint biometrics are well-known, efficient, relatively inexpensive, and fairly easily deployed. The user is required to place a finger on a scanner. The scanned image is then matched against one the user has on file.

But as we learned from the 2015 OPM breach, fingerprint sensors are not secure without a properly implemented public key infrastructure. HYPR biometric tokenization ensures users’ fingerprints securely decentralized and safe from hackers.

HYPR-Secure Your Users Now

HYPR provides enterprises a secure FIDO authentication framework supported by billions of mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. With millions of fingerprints already secured with HYPR, we’ve perfected the art of connecting sensor to server, empowering enterprises to deliver a secure password-less experience worldwide.