Deploy FIDO on Cloud or On-Premise

The HYPR-Secure FIDO server is a crucial part of the biometric security ecosystem. We power flexible enterprise deployment of Fast Identity Online across millions of users with a hosted and on-premise offering powered by HYPR.

Secure Digital Experiences with FIDO UAF

The HYPR biometrics platform leverages the Fast Identity Universal Authentication Framework to connect biometric sensors on trusted devices with any validation server.

A user’s local device leverages biometrics to sign a cryptographic challenge initiated by any relying party. The FIDO UAF Server then validates a challenge signed by a user’s private key to complete authentication.

HYPR makes it easy for enterprises to integrate FIDO UAF everywhere:

  • VPN
  • SAML
  • Active Directory
  • FIDO U2F Enhances Security

    Universal Second Factor authentication provides a critical layer of security with a physical device that acts as a physical second factor. This is far more reliable than the typical second factor most of us are used to – such as an SMS message sent to your phone. Our solution allows you to leverage any FIDO U2F device to prevent social engineering attacks or other attack vectors.

    The HYPR suite provides instant support for all U2F hardware via the U2F authentication server, allowing third parties to employ an additional security token of their choice.