The HYPR-Secure FIDO client enables enterprises to securely retrieve information from applications to leverage their desktop or mobile device. This creates a fully password-less authentication experience. Our FIDO certified implementation is fully interoperable across OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems – enabling you to leverage multiple biometric sensing modalities.

The HYPR FIDO SDK supports all fingerprint, voice, face, eye and palm sensors to secure apps conveniently through biometric authentication.

FIDO Server

Unleash the Power of FIDO Security

There is an increasing acceptance of FIDO standards across many industries: banking, payments, insurance, and more. Businesses are being urged to adopt decentralized architecture to meet FIDO authentication standards of security.

HYPR’s comprehensive solution empowers customers with FIDO client-side software, validation servers and management console. We provide on-premise or cloud deployment for both UAF and U2F standards – allowing for a consistent digital experience across any application.