Add Facial Recognition to Any App

Our biometrics platform powers enterprise deployment of FIDO-Ready facial recognition across employee and customer-facing applications. Secured with end-to-end biometric tokenization platform, facial templates are decentralized and encrypted.

The “map” of a person’s face is used as the mode of identification. It can be done live or from a digital image. The map is stored as a template for identification and authentication matching in the future. Our technology dramatically reduces the number of false positives that often happen with other solutions.

Authenticate with a Selfie

When using selfie authentication, the person seeking authorization takes a selfie so that their identity can be authenticated thru facial data points. These data points are matched against a “reference” selfie kept on file by the authorizer. HYPR’s solution protects against spoofing by using a passive non-challenge response such as a blink from the user and a series of facial recognition biometrics that ensure liveness and true identity.

HYPR is fully interoperable and empowers enterprises to leverage any front-facing camera with support for over 1 billion mobile and desktop devices. Integrate face authentication into any application today for a secure password-less authentication experience.