Deploy True Passwordless MFA® Across Windows, Mac, Linux and VDI Workstations.


hypr turns your smart phone into a smart card

By combining public-key encryption with lightning-fast mobile-initiated authentication, the HYPR Desktop MFA Client enables passwordless login to workstations through your mobile device. 

It’s FIDO-Certified. It’s Fast.
It even works on Windows 7. 

Passwordless Windows 7 Workstation Login Diagram

securely pair multiple devices with your workstation

HYPR is an advanced credential provider unlike any other. It runs silently in the background and makes it easy for your users to enroll multiple mobile devices with their desktops and laptops. 

“Password lockouts generate service desk calls and lost user productivity. The adoption of HYPR passwordless is the rare cyber investment that returns immediate and measurable bottom line benefit.”

Karl Mattson

DEPLOY FAST, EASY onboarding experienceS

Our user experience teams work closely with enterprises to perfect the optimal user onboarding flow. HYPR takes the hard work out of your UX optimization while giving you full control over logo and branding elements.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

go passwordless anywhere with offline mode

Use offline mode safely with HYPR Decentralized PIN™ – a secure and easy way to authenticate without using a shared secret. You don’t need to remember your password, and network access is not required. HYPR’s True Passwordless MFA is so easy it works on an airplane.

solve your desktop mfa gap

No Zero-Trust strategy is complete without Desktop MFA. Deploy HYPR across your workforce and secure True Passwordless Login to all workstations in just days.


Not even Microsoft can do this. HYPR is one of the first true passwordless login solutions for VDI workstations – just another one of the reasons why enterprises are choosing HYPR.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

use yubikey or built-in authenticators

No mobile device? No Problem. HYPR supports all built-in biometrics and platform authenticators such as Windows Hello as well as FIDO authentication tokens such as Google Titan and Yubikey.

How Does Your Desktop MFA Stack Up?

Check out the Authentication Value Matrix and compare the differences between legacy 2-Factor Authentication, passwordless user experiences and True Passwordless Security™