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Do you login to your workstation with a password? You’re not alone. The modern day employee wastes an average of 24 hours per year logging into desktops. As enterprises enforce more complex passwords, they end up spending millions of dollars in password resets and help desk costs while reducing workforce productivity. 

Desktop authentication has always primarily relied on a password. Legacy 2FA methods have failed to secure the workstation because they slow down login experiences while adding minimal security. That’s why enterprises trust HYPR’s True Passwordless® Desktop MFA to secure your workstation and enhance workforce productivity.

solve your desktop mfa gap

No Zero-Trust strategy is complete without Desktop MFA. Deploy HYPR across your workforce and eliminate password-based authentication to mobile, web and workstation applications.

how it works

HYPR’s Advanced Credential Providers extends True Passwordless Security across Windows, MacOS, Linux workstations and Virtual Desktops. HYPR empowers Passwordless Single Sign-On Experiences and Even Supports Windows 7.

Passwordless Windows 7 Workstation Login Diagram

keep your existing identity provider

Keep your Identity Provider and Enable True Passwordless MFA at the Desktop. HYPR’s native plugins accelerate your rollout of True Passwordless™ MFA without displacing your existing IAM providers.

How Does Your Authentication Stack Up?

Check out the Authentication Value Matrix and compare the differences between legacy 2-Factor Authentication, passwordless user experiences and True Passwordless Security™




Close Your Desktop MFA Gap Once and for All

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Save Thousands of Hours in Workforce Productivity

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Eliminate Employee Phishing & Password Reuse


Don’t let your workforce fall victim to PUSH attacks. By initiating authentication on the mobile device, HYPR stops PUSH attacks before they can happen.

powered by secure public key cryptography 

Unlike legacy 2FA providers that rely on shared secrets, HYPR replaces the use of passwords and shared secrets with Public-Key cryptography and open standards.

delivering lightning-fast user experiences

Give your users a consistent mobile-to-web login experience and speed up transaction velocity with passwordless transaction approval.

Securing customer and workforce login

Deploy one solution to eliminate passwords across the enterprise – for customers, employees, partners, and contractors.

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