biometric authentication

For enterprises adopting biometrics, legacy authentication systems are no longer enough. Eliminate shared secrets and accelerate your rollout of multifactor biometrics with the HYPR Authentication Platform.

The First Mobile-Initiated Biometric Authentication Solution Designed for your Workforce.

Abbie Barbir
Senior Security Adviser, Aetna CVS Health

“HYPR technology enables enterprises to finally tackle the password problem through a creative FIDO Certified solution that enhances security and helps to reduce fraud.”

One App – limitless possibilities

Activate dozens of pre-integrated authenticators and eliminate passwords by integrating HYPR into your mobile and web applications. The HYPR mobile client is available as an app or an SDK for rapid deployment across the enterprise.

Don’t have an app? We’ve got you covered. HYPR provides enterprises a fully customizable white-label app for all of your iOS and Android users.

secure mobile, web and workstation login

Activate dozens of pre-integrated authenticators and eliminate passwords by integrating HYPR into your mobile and web applications.

From Touch ID to Windows Hello and 3rd party biometrics – HYPR combines best-in-class user experience with decentralized authentication to enable true passwordless security.


This paper explains the differences between passwordless user experiences and True Passwordless Security and outlines how to deploy secure biometric authentication. 

Manage biometrics in real time

The FIDO Control Center allows you to easily integrate biometrics with transaction policies and business logic across all of your applications. Accelerate your rollout of passwordless authentication and take advantage of dozens of pre-integrated modalities including fingerprint, voice, face, eye and palm recognition. 

We believe HYPR’s ability to offer a neutral, one-stop platform that offers a suite of biometric solutions for clients to choose from is very attractive. Its technology allows enterprises to deploy and scale interoperable biometrics authentication to millions of users.

Patrick Chang
Samsung NEXT Ventures

Find out why industry leaders like Samsung have invested in HYPR to accelerate adoption of secure biometric authentication across the enterprise.


Despite having adopted biometrics, most businesses continue to store passwords and shared secrets inside the enterprise – leaving users susceptible to credential stuffing, fraud and phishing. Unlike legacy authentication providers, HYPR removes the target from the enterprise by replacing shared secrets with decentralized user credentials stored safely on their mobile devices. 

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