Eliminate fraud, speed up transactions and generate more revenue with secure biometric payments powered by HYPR.


We’re powering next-gen experiences across mobile, web, and ATM experiences. With over $1 Trillion secured, HYPR is the leader in biometric banking.


Insurance companies are focused on risk. HYPR mitigates risk. Our biometric insurance solution is eliminating identity fraud and service costs for some of the largest players in this space.


Apple Pay raised the bar on what a biometric shopping experience should aspire to. From selfie payments to voice-activated purchases, HYPR can elevate your retail brand experience to the next level.

Customer Approval

Stop spending millions of dollars on help desk requests and call centers. Biometric customer authentication presents additional layers of security while reducing costs and enhancing the end-user experience.

Employee Access

Enterprises leverage HYPR mobile authentication platform to easily deploy biometric security across the global workforce.Employee Login Remote Access Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


You’ve seen HYPR-Secure biometric cars on the road. From in-vehicle payments to biometric ride-sharing – our solution is redefining the connected car experience.


When it comes to physical access, biometric authentication eliminates the two weakest links – a physical key and lock cylinder. HYPR-Secure biometric locks are revolutionizing the lock industry and redefining the meaning of a digital key.


When it comes to connected homes, we protect that which matters most. Our biometric connected home technology is adaptive, allowing your security to adjust as the home systems become more predictive and interoperable.