Secure Biometric Authentication

HYPR biometric tokenization enables decentralized and secure password-less authentication across mobile, desktop and IoT systems. As a fully interoperable solution, HYPR enables enterprises and their customers to authenticate with fingerprint, voice, face and eye recognition across over 2 billion compatible devices.

How It Works

Biometric Authentication Architecture

A HYPR-Secure system does not store biometric templates in a centralized database, enabling users to authorize transactions without exposing sensitive biometric data to the internet. By combining the convenience of biometrics with the power of public key cryptography, HYPR provides enterprises a revolutionary user experience and a fully decentralized security architecture. Hackers are no longer able to attack a centralized repository of credentials and must therefore target individual devices, rendering any large scale attack unscalable. HYPR is designed based on these guiding principles:

  • No authentication channel should rely on the centralized storage of biometrics.
  • Biometric data should remain encrypted and protected against malware on a user’s device.
  • End-users should be able to choose which types of biometric modalities they will utilize.
  • Relying parties should be able set policies for which types of biometric authenticators can be utilized.

HYPR Biometric Authentication Demos

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