PSD2 Strong Customer authentication

Achieve PSD2 Compliance and Deliver Fast, Secure Customer Experiences with HYPR.

Section 9.3 of the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) specifically describes the use of “separated software execution environments” for achieving Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

This means passwords and legacy 2-Factor authentication are no longer good enough to secure customer applications – as they rely on shared secrets that do not make use of a secure software execution environment.

HYPR provides a fast and simple way to meeting PSD2 compliance by eliminating passwords and shared secrets. This mobile-first approach to Strong Customer Authentication is trusted by industry leaders to prevent credential reuse and enhance the customer experience.


“HYPR’s technology is a smart way to keep critical data where it belongs – close to the consumer.”

Bob Reany
EVP Global Products & Services Identity Solutions,

Learn how HYPR and Mastercard are enabling Strong Customer Authentication for millions of users worldwide.

easily deploy STRONG customer authentication in your own app


Accelerate transaction speeds by eliminating passwords across mobile and web experiences.


Takes a standards-based approach by combining FIDO2 with best-in-class mobile security.


Secure passwordless payments, user login and cryptographically signed transactions.

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EXPERIENCE true passwordless security now

Find out why the world’s largest companies choose HYPR to eliminate passwords and shared secrets.

Powered by the HYPR Platform

HYPR is the first Authentication Platform designed to eliminate passwords and shared secrets across mobile and web applications. This approach enables PSD2 compliance faster and easier than ever before.


First, HYPR removes shared secrets from the authentication flow – protecting your customers against fraud, phishing and credential stuffing. By removing the hackers’ primary target, HYPR forces the adversary to attack each device individually – drastically shifting the economics back in your favor.


Second, HYPR’s advanced mobile security features ensures that your users’ private keys are isolated and stored in the most secure environment on any mobile device.

Decentralized Passwordless Authentication Flow