Passwordless Security Guide

The Definitive Passwordless Guide

Passwordless authentication is one of the biggest trends in cybersecurity. It's happening fast and it can be difficult to follow. Whether you're a seasoned security veteran or a newcomer interested in learning more, this space contains many nuanced ideas that can be confusing at times. This guide aims to provide a simple overview of the world of passwordless security.

This guide is for anyone interested in learning more about passwordless technology. You will learn the concepts, vocabulary, architecture, and use cases driving it. We cover an array of topics to help you better understand what passwordless technology really is, how it is being used, and how to implement it.

Who is this guide for?

If you are an end-user this guide should make you feel more comfortable about passwordless technology. If you're a practitioner, then we hope this guide will help you feel confident and ready to deploy a passwordless solution. We'll cover different paths to eliminating the use of passwords so you can choose the methodology that's best for you.

Some parts of this guide are intended for security practitioners, IT managers, IAM engineers, business leaders and executives — people who deal with password pain daily, and for whom the pressure to eliminate passwords has never been greater. Anyone seeking a way to stop credential reuse, account takeover, brute force attacks, and reduce the costs of password resets should read this overview.


Concepts & FAQ
Learn basic concepts and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about eliminating passwords.

Passwordless Login Methods
Get an overview of the various software and hardware methods used to replace passwords. Includes comparisons of how passwordless standards and approaches differ from each other.

Consumer & B2C Use Cases
See an overview of some of the consumer-facing use cases for passwordless user authentication.

Enterprise IAM Use Cases
Discover how passwordless is being used inside small, medium and large businesses.

Myths & Misconceptions
What are some of the things people get wrong about this new authentication paradigm? You'll be surprised.

Passwordless Identity Management
Understand the architecture behind passwordless and how it works with identity providers. Learn how authentication and authorization work together.

Zero Trust & Passwordless
Passwords make your Zero Trust program slower, more expensive, and less effective. Discover the passwordless approach to Zero Trust.

The Passwordless Solution to PSD2 Compliance
This guide explains why True Passwordless Security has been adopted as the optimal solution for achieving PSD2-Compliant authentication.

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