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The FIDO Alliance has established “Fast Identity Online Authentication.” This authentication standard procedure provides security standards and methods that go beyond passwords in creating secure identity management. The two major technical specifications under FIDO Authentication are “U2F” — where a token is used alongside a password; and “UAF” — where local biometric authentication creates a password-less experience.

FIDO Authentication

HYPR Provides FIDO as a Service

The security ecosystem is facing a major fragmentation problem. Billions of devices, sensors and applications are unable to speak to each other. By providing FIDO Certified authentication, HYPR addresses this problem and bridges the gap between sensor and server. We leverage secure open standards to ensure interoperability, empowering millions of users to authenticate with any device – anytime, anywhere.

FIDO Server Architecture

Easily deploy our HYPR-Secure FIDO server and empower users with a fully biometric user experience.

FIDO U2F Authentication

The FIDO U2F server enables the use of any additional hardware token authenticator as a Universal Second Factor.


Wether you build or buy, the FIDO SDK brings decentralized authentication to any application.

FIDO for IoT

Authenticate online or offline with FIDO IoT solutions powered by the HYPR biometric security platform.

Biometric U2F

The HYPR-3 biometric token is the world’s first fully biometric FIDO U2F token – enabling FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliance where maximum levels of assurance are required.

FIDO Biometrics

Deploy a future-proof password-less user experience by integrating biometric FIDO UAF built-in support for fingerprint, voice, face, eye, and palm recognition.

UAF Server

The FIDO UAF Server provides the server side of Universal Authentication Framework protocols. We’ve made it easy to deploy on-premises or as a cloud solution.

FIDO Cloud

The HYPR FIDO cloud offering is available on-premise or on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

HYPR Biometrics Platform

Manage and deploy next-gen security at scale with the HYPR biometrics platform.