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HYPR Enables Enterprises to Rapidly Deploy FIDO to Millions of Users in Weeks – Not Years.

not all fido is the same

FIDO standards have made it possible for companies to go passwordless. But standards usually assume a perfect ecosystem – when in reality the fragmented landscape of user devices and applications is far from perfect.

HYPR makes it easy for you to deploy FIDO2, UAF, and U2F across workforce and customer-facing applications. With easy to use SDKs, an intuitive user interface and a library of enterprise plugins, HYPR transforms promising standards into powerful solutions.

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless VDI

deploy fido across the enterprise

With True Passwordless Security by HYPR, businesses can finally eliminate password reuse, fraud and phishing – all while providing a lightning-fast user experience that’s easy to use and easy to deploy.


Solve your Desktop MFA Gap. Eliminate phishing and password reuse across the enterprise. 


Reduce ATO Fraud by up to 99% while improving your customer login experience.


Experience the world’s first fido control center

With the FIDO Control Center you can manage, provision, and deploy true passwordless authentication easily and securely without making changes to their existing IAM infrastructure.

manage any and all fido authenticators

Manage all of your FIDO authentication flows through HYPR. No mobile device? No Problem. HYPR supports all built-in biometrics and platform authenticators such as Windows Hello as well as FIDO authentication tokens such as Google Titan and Yubikey. 

“HYPR technology enables enterprises to finally tackle the password problem through a creative FIDO certified solution that enhances security and helps to reduce fraud.”

Abbie Barbir
Senior Security Architect
Aetna CVS Health

fido vs mpc

This paper provides a perspective on the differences between FIDO and MPC, how FIDO became enterprises’ preferred standard for passwordless authentication.

how it works

HYPR is the first Authentication Platform built from the ground up on top of FIDO standards – providing enterprises a powerful solution to eliminate passwords and shared secrets HYPR. By removing the hackers’ primary target, HYPR forces the adversary to attack each device individually – drastically shifting the economics in the enterprise’s favor.

Built by the fido experts

HYPR sits on the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors, alongside Microsoft, Google, and many more.

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