True Passwordless Summit 2020 Recap

Mar 2, 2020 | News


Great food, great people, great ideas. The inaugural True Passwordless Summit was a great way to kick off RSA week. It was amazing to see how many companies are focused on passwordless authentication across various industries – from finance to manufacturing, to canned goods and insurance and even fast food. That’s why we’re calling 2020 The Passwordless Decade.

HYPR board member Ed Sim gave a great writeup of his experience at the Summit and our media team got some great photos of the weekend. They say a picture says a thousand alphanumeric characters, so we’ll let these speak for themselves.


Zero Trust Means Zero Passwords

Sean Connolly VP Systems Engineering, HYPRGiven how often I’m seeing the topic of Zero Trust come up in marketing and sales messages, I figure it is best if we start with a few clarifications:First, Zero Trust is a security framework introduced by analyst John...

The Importance of Customer Success

Christian Mentzer Senior Customer Success, HYPRAt HYPR, we understand our success is directly tied to the success of our customers — and we have an entire team dedicated to that mission. But what is a well-conceived customer success (CS) initiative, and what does it...

COVID-19 is Not a Marketing Campaign

George Avetisov CEO, HYPR "BUY OUR PRODUCT FOR YOUR RECENTLY QUARANTINED REMOTE WORKFORCE" I have been bombarded by spam like this all week. I am seeing companies across the tech industry pushing emails and ad campaigns like this which seem to have been slapped...