Customer Success

HYPR Success & Support Services (Applicable Prior to January 26, 2024)

HYPR Customer Success Services (“Support Services”) terms are subject to the terms of the HYPR Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”), and capitalized terms not defined here will have the meaning specified (if applicable) in the Agreement.

  Standard Premium Support Premium Plus Support Technical Account Manager
Support Access
Support Coverage Business hours Enterprise-grade (24x7) Enterprise-grade (24x7) Enterprise-grade (24x7)
Support Contact Email service Priority web & phone Priority web & phone Dedicated Support Line
Case Assignment Standard Priority Priority Priority
HYPR Knowledge Hub Access
Training videos/ Getting Started webinars
Technical Account Management
Engagement Manager Named Customer Success Manager Named Technical Account Manager (optional on-site)
Access to training specialists (remote) (optional on-site)
Change Management
Periodic Health Checks
Business Reviews Semi-Annual Quarterly
Roadmap Webinars
Beta Feature Invitation
Welcome Content & End User Guides
Onboarding Webinar
Deployment Advisor

Priority Levels

HYPR will establish the priority level of each reported support request that Customer refers to HYPR for assistance. The priority level of each reported support request shall be classified as follows (each, a “Priority Level”):

Priority Level Description Example
Level 1 Critical Impact (Software Down in Production). An Error that cannot be reasonably circumvented and affects all users. Restricts Customer’s ability to use the Software to perform necessary business functions. Service is down and not accessible by all Users in production; Data centers are not responding and all users are not able to register, authenticate or de-register.
Level 2 Major Impact (Software Crashing/Hanging in Production). An Error that significantly restricts Customer's ability to use the Software to perform one or more necessary business functions; Affects more than half the user population. Production servers in a data center are not responding or responding consistently with failures; Users cannot register, authenticate or de-register; Failure impacts more than 50% of users.
Level 3 Moderate Impact (Performance/Operational Impact in Production). An Error that restricts the Customer’s ability to use one or more portions or features of the Software to perform a necessary function, but which can be reasonably circumvented. Issue affects more than half the user population Production servers in a data center are not responding or responding consistently with failures; Users cannot register, authenticate or de-register without a workaround applied; Failure impacts more than 50% of users. Performance of any above functions is degraded by 50%
Level 4

Minor Impact of functionality or performance in either Production or non-production environment. Issues affects a portion or unspecified amount of user population.

QA and Testing environment issues will automatically be classified as priority 4 or lower.

Non-critical features are not behaving as expected leading to inability to complete an attempted action. Occasional failure is reported with the product and retry attempts are unsuccessful at success.
Level 5 No impact. A request for general information, or to address a minor, non-material issue. Service feature enhancement requests or information used by an administration or end user to complete a necessary action.

Response Times

Premium, Premium Plus Support & TAM Response Time for the Service during 24x7 Support hours

Priority Level Issue Acknowledgement Subsequent Updates
Level 1 1 hour 2 Hours
Level 2 3 Hours 6 Hours
Level 3 12 Hours 12 Hours
Level 4 24 business Hours 48 business Hours

Standard Support Response Time for the Service during Business Hour support

Priority Level Issue Acknowledgement Subsequent Updates
Level 1 4 Hours 12 Hours
Level 2 12 Hours 24 Hours
Level 3 24 Hours 72 Hours
Level 4 24 Hours 72 Hours

Acknowledgement by HYPR

HYPR will respond to all requests for Support reported by Customer. If a request is determined to be a Priority 1 through Priority 3, it shall be deemed an Error. If a support request is deemed an Error, Customer’s report of the Error to HYPR will include, if available from the Customer after due inquiry by Customer, any and all job listings, program dumps, system log, traces and other output, reports or information that HYPR may reasonably request associated with the Error. HYPR will acknowledge receipt of all Errors within the response times, per the corresponding Priority Level ("Response Times") by contacting Customer’s Designated Support Contact by e-mail or telephone, provided that a response is required.

Resolution by HYPR

Within the specified Response Times, HYPR will use reasonable efforts to provide a resolution to each Error based on an action plan agreed to between the parties, within the Resolution Target established for the applicable Priority Level. Customer Designated Support Contact shall have performed all necessary Triage Support, and will use additional reasonable efforts to assist HYPR to resolve the Error if the determination of the Error is unclear and impacts the Resolution Target time frames. If an Error cannot be resolved within the applicable Resolution Target, HYPR will contact Customer as soon as a resolution or workaround is discovered by HYPR. Subject to the Response Times, both parties will use their reasonable efforts to assist each other in resolving any Errors.

Response Times

With respect to any support request deemed to be an Error, HYPR will respond to Customer with an acknowledgement and action plan and commence efforts to provide a resolution in accordance with the following, based on the applicable Priority Level, after Customer notifies HYPR of the Error. For purposes of the Support Services, a “business day” shall mean any weekday which is not a HYPR holiday and a “business hour” shall mean any hour between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (US Eastern Time) during any such business day.

Designated Support Contacts

Customer shall assign two (2) individuals, who shall perform the following tasks in connection with the Support (“Designated Contact(s)”): (a) successfully complete required HYPR training; (b) after successful completion of such training, perform Triage Support as defined and described in the Customer Triage section below, and submit requests for Support on behalf of Customer; (c) develop knowledge and understanding of the currently deployed Software; (d) accurately characterize problems and describe their business impact; (e) reasonably describe symptoms of problems; (f) provide background information leading up to problems; (g) describe the steps or actions taken to attempt to resolve such problems; (h) provide timely and accurate responses to HYPR requests related to the delivery of the Support; and (i) provide timely feedback on fixes and recommendations.

Customer Triage

Prior to submitting a request for Support, the Designated Contacts shall: (a) assist an End Users with usage of the Software or the Documentation; (b) identify and document a reported problem in the Software and the issues causing the problem reported by an End User; and (c) commence troubleshooting the reported problem (“Triage Support”). As part of Triage Support the Designated Contacts shall: (i) document the reported problem; (ii) analyze or reproduce the reported problem or determine that the reported problem is not reproducible; (iii) resolve any End User issue caused by an Error in the Software for which HYPR has provided the needed support action to the Designated Contacts; and (iv) identify and implement any workarounds and/or fixes provided by HYPR.

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