Modern Passwordless Customer Authentication

Empower and protect your customers with simple, secure, passwordless customer authentication built on passkeys.


Build Trust While Removing Friction With Our Customer Authentication Solution


Protect Against Phishing and Fraud 


Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


95% Proven Reduction In Password Reset Tickets

Fix the Way Your Customers Log In by Deploying Passwordless Customer Authentication

Passwords and traditional MFA not only add friction and frustration, they are insecure and multiply your operating costs. Secure your customers and your business with friction-free, phishing-resistant MFA from HYPR.

Protect Customer Interactions and Data

Eliminate account takeover and transaction fraud. Replace passwords and other shared secrets with asymmetric cryptographic keys that remain in the most secured areas of the customer’s device at all times.

Customers authenticate using two strong factors in one single gesture. Organizations can also proactively enforce step-up authentication and block fraudulent logins based on comprehensive, real-time risk intelligence.


Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Your customers expect a fast, easy digital experience. With HYPR, you can ditch the passwords while decreasing authentication risk. Your customers will appreciate both the security and  the streamlined experience that makes it easy to do business with you.

Achieve Compliance With FIDO Certified Passwordless Customer Authentication

Ensure your customer authentication processes align with regulatory guidance and security frameworks for data protection and phishing-resistant security.

HYPR adheres to NIST AAL3 and is FIDO Certified on all components, meeting the gold standard for authentication defined by CISA. Your customers are assured of secure access, every time they interact with you.


Go Passwordless With Passkeys

HYPR works with both third-party synced passkeys offered directly to consumers, such as those from Apple and Google, as well as device-bound “enterprise passkeys.”  Enterprise passkeys include features and security controls that make them more suitable for some industries and enterprises.

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HYPR's passwordless customer authentication SDK provides a strong alternative to phishable and inconvenient passwords - and it works across devices customers use in their daily lives already.

Arshal Ameen

Global Head Application Development, Rakuten

Passwordless Customer Authentication That Fits With Your Business 

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Certified to the Highest Assurance Levels

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