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Consumer Fraud Prevention

Protect Your Customers and Prevent Revenue Loss

Keep fraudsters out and make it easier for your customers to get in with HYPR’s unified phishing-resistant passwordless authentication, adaptive risk mitigation, and automated identity verification.


Reduce Fraud Losses and Operational Costs

Frictionless user experience

Enhance Customer Trust and Loyalty


Quick and Easy Integration

Consumer Fraud Costs Your Business

  • Phishing, credential theft and account takeover fraud are skyrocketing, aided by weaponized AI
  • Account sharing leads to lost revenue and increased risk of credential theft
  • Promotions and special offers can be abused
  • Cybercriminals hack into accounts to steal loyalty program rewards
  • Gift card program risks include card testing attacks and account takeover fraud

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Defeat consumer fraud including ATO fraud, account sharing and promo abuse with phishing-resistant authentication, real-time risk detection, anti-spoofing technology, device fingerprinting and more.

Stop Fraud Before It Happens

  • Proactive Threat Protection:  Automate workflows to enforce step-up authentication and identity verification when risks are high
  • Spoof Detection and Prevention: Use biometric and contextual data to detect and block fraudulent login attempts, synthetic identities and deepfakes
  • Accurate, Risk-Based Decisioning: Detect behavior anomalies, user and device risk in real time

Seamless Experience for Your Customers and Your Team

  • Reduce User Friction: Provide fast, secure access for legitimate users while keeping out fraudsters
  • Grow Your Business: Reduce cart abandonment and improve customer satisfaction with streamlined verification processes
  • Built For Your Environment: The HYPR platform and identity flows are fully configurable to support your use cases, user populations, and environment

Prevent Account Sharing, Loyalty Fraud and Promo Abuse

  • Stop Unauthorized Account Sharing: Use device fingerprinting and IP analysis to detect shared accounts
  • Prevent Loyalty Account Takeover: Identify suspicious login attempts and block or challenge them with step-up policies
  • Limit Promo Abuse: Stop discount fraud with customizable business policies and rules

Companies Preventing Fraud With HYPR

    Arshal Ameen
    HYPR's passwordless authentication SDK provides a strong alternative to phishable and inconvenient passwords — and it works across devices customers use in their daily lives already.
    Arshal Ameen
    Global Head Application Development, Rakuten
    HYPR's technology is a smart way to keep critical data where it belongs - close to the customer.
    Executive Vice President, Mastercard
    Learn More

Ensure Your Customers Are Who They Claim To Be

Many businesses struggle with outdated and siloed identity processes, insecure authentication and verification methods and reactive risk response. This not only leads to increased fraud and costs, it creates user frustration. Secure your customers and business with HYPR's comprehensive, frictionless Identity Assurance.

  • Hillsborough County
  • Frontier Credit Union
  • FIDO Alliance
  • Norwegian
  • Fiserv
  • CVS Health
  • Oxbury
  • Rakuten
  • VHI Healthcare
  • Unified Post Group
  • State Auto

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