Passkey Login for Desktop MFA: Advancing Security and User Experience

Nearly half (46%) of IT, security, and cybersecurity leaders say they still store passwords in shared office documents (2022 Hitachi ID Survey Report), which can be used to enable and elevate attacks. The often overlooked attack vector is our first login of the day — the desktop.

Still, organizations are asking, why alter the user’s login, and why now?

Bojan Simic, CEO at HYPR, and Ryan Rowcliffe, Field CTO at HYPR, aim to tackle these questions and discuss the future of desktop MFA with the modern user and evolving passkey use cases.

  • Hillsborough County
  • Frontier Credit Union
  • FIDO Alliance
  • Norwegian
  • Fiserv
  • CVS Health
  • Oxbury
  • Rakuten
  • VHI Healthcare
  • Unified Post Group
  • State Auto

MFA for Desktops Based on the FIDO Passkey Standard

Your workstation is the very front door to the enterprise. By combining public-key encryption with lightning-fast mobile-initiated authentication, the Desktop MFA Client enables passwordless login to all workstations through your mobile device.


Desktop to Cloud, for Windows, Mac and Linux

HYPR is the only solution providing passwordless desktop SSO for both macOS and Windows, as well as Linux-based VDIs, protecting users across the vast majority of desktops, laptops and other endpoint devices.

  • Mac, Linux and Windows desktop MFA
  • Phishing-resistant VDI MFA including MFA for VMWare Horizon, Citrix and others
  • Zero passwords or shared secrets
  • Securely enroll multiple mobile devices with your desktops and laptops
  • Remote lock the desktop from anywhere using your HYPR-enabled device
  • Secure roaming users wherever they are, whatever they work on, online or off

Secure Remote Desktop Login

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is commonly used to access corporate resources. However, these connections can be compromised when protected by legacy MFA .HYPR enables secure passwordless MFA for RDP login, providing your workforce with fast and easy passwordless remote access wherever they are.


Benefits of HYPR Passwordless MFA for Desktop

  • Deploy seamless phishing-resistant MFA from the desktop to the cloud
  • Protect against credential phishing, brute-force attacks, MFA bombing and MitM
  • Satisfy cyber insurance requirements and security and data privacy regulations
  • Eliminate password resets and improve productivity
  • Improve user experience with 30% faster logins, automated identity verification and support for user choice
  • Integrate quickly with exisiting systems, IdPs and applications
  • Deploy a mature, enterprise-proven solution that delivers validated ROI of 324%

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HYPR Solves Your Desktop MFA Gap

Get easy-to-use passwordless MFA for desktop that works across all your physical and virtual machines.
  • Protect access everywhere, anytime from desktop to cloud
  • Cover all your use cases, including remote employees and shared workstations
  • Improve the authentication experience for your workforce
  • Stop phishing, fraud and account takeover
    Onboard users in minutes

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